A Desired Journey

Without the allusions, the words will carry clarity Steered away from the wooden expressions which were engraved Lacquered to provide a glossy finish to uncertain feelings Here, feelings will flow freely without the subservient attitude Narrated from the soul, unadulterated knowledge will illumine the world From solitude and stillness stirs the most profound realizations of life Revealing the magnificence of the Universe in the simplest language … Continue reading A Desired Journey

Wandering for Happiness

Wanderers searched for a happy place Imagining to sculpt from the dreams we seek Everyone looked to breach the rampart  Seeking freedom and happiness in new valleys Every landscape was transformed by our dreams Happiness still was short-lived Our steps trampled over virgin lands and forests Too many melodies were composed Finally, discordant notes destroyed the original tune Harmony was altered forever Numerous echoes within went unheard … Continue reading Wandering for Happiness

Of Eternal Love

True beauty is never spoken of aloud As it radiates from the lover’s eyes A bud that wakes with a gentle touch Unhurried strides across the paradise The lingering aroma follows everywhere Deep within virtue of love adorns the soul The world around fades away for solitude Beauteous hearts surrounded by pure love Sweet conversation engages the hearts forever Every day love will grace the … Continue reading Of Eternal Love

Light Takes a Brief Hiatus

Light takes a brief hiatus Darkness comes to life from hibernation Vision starts adjusting to the change Imposing firmament sets the tone Voice of darkness has an ethereal feel Intense ambience invites the soul When the Universe transforms to a grand avatar Brightness of the stars showers Divine grace It’s a different world here in paradise Draped in simplicity and ultimate passion Spirit dances to … Continue reading Light Takes a Brief Hiatus

A Morning Prayer

Solemn moments of daybreak Roseate sky enthralls the early pilgrim Lulled by the divine sounds of the universe Fluttering breeze waltzes around in enthusiasm A journey of immense pleasure with the eternal Immerse in the embrace of a fervent charm It’s a chance to redeem paradise from sinister dreams Powers of the divine world immerse in the soul Hopes and dreams are ignited with truthful … Continue reading A Morning Prayer

Divine Beauty

Fallen leaves rustle in rhythm When touched by the dainty feet Demure avatar with porcelain feel Love flows from a translucent heart Morning is dazzled by the divine beauty Birds are singing a different tune To regale the soul so pure Galloping stream invites the beauty to immerse Blooming paradise will awaken  Eternal tenderness weaves the invisible fabric Draped in beauty and perpetual happiness© Continue reading Divine Beauty

When the Moon Descends

When the Moon descends in those eyes Captivating replica, that shines brighter Embellished with astonishing sparkles Moon feels adorned with purity of love Those eyes can make the Moon blush Nimble feet dances like graceful air Stars join the soirée to decorate paradise Flowing mane gleams with ecstatic ripples Wilderness is brightened by elegant soul Night comes alive to transform the fate O’ generous Moon, … Continue reading When the Moon Descends

Morning Laughter

The fresh morning laughter Wakes up the senses with eagerness First light of the morn has a lilting feel The crimson orb with a bonnie face Peeks through the window with mischief The laughter seeks to rejuvenate the day Pouring divine grace over the paradise None can hide the morning excitement Tugging at the heartstrings with playfulness Clumsy steps lead to the rhapsodic scenery Nature … Continue reading Morning Laughter

Revelation of the Morning

Morning walks meditatively in crimson attire With every step, the robe reflects a lighter shade Settling for spiritual orange, reverberating Divine mantra Sun has a calm demeanor, showing gratitude For being bestowed with immense energy and power To illuminate the entire paradise and give hope to Life Magnanimity is the essence of cosmic powers Deeply blessing even the smallest of life here Pure passion to … Continue reading Revelation of the Morning