Little Significance

Not much can be done with the paralyzed truth Trying to arouse the untruths for brief pleasures When the souls have been taken away from life It speaks feebly and crawls to the nearest lies Acquired taste becomes an obsession that lasts The essence of the secret underground intrigues It’s not infallibility but the truth that’s benumbed ~Amitav Continue reading Little Significance

Symbolic Journey

Where the feet are, they feel restless Pacing up and down through labyrinth of uncertainty An abode could not provide comfort for years Wanderings will leave blisters on untraveled souls Indifference and paranoia ignite latent passions  Reconciling and blending with an artificial concoction  Snapping ligaments weaken the movement Out of sync life suggests the feet go here and there Aimless wanderings are warning signs  Landscapes have changed with … Continue reading Symbolic Journey

Lazy Eyes

Courageous eyes want to transcend the prohibitive boundaries Fickle environment unsettles a vision that seeks assurance Tempestuous times prove promiscuous for a pure heart Encore of fabricated stories permeates every pore of existence The world frolicks as innocent feelings are mauled every day Incoherent senses with a mind of its own dances to lustful tunes Every word carries a double entendre and is titillating Eyes trained to … Continue reading Lazy Eyes


Weak theories exaggeratedly postulated for consideration Blemished already by the underlying ignoble intentions Hordes of minds join the frenzy to aggrandize the stupidity Life is transforming into clinical definitions by witless ones Easy to garner support by the misleading grandiose plans  Revealed in parts and deliberate obfuscation of the entire idea Words and definitions are twisted to design crass suggestions Running around the premises of failures and there’s … Continue reading Circumstances