Are the ingenuous lies more believable? For, their ultra craftiness aspire to create surreal moments of unbelievable travesty of consciousness Naked lies are attired in ostentatious designs; such hideous display Passion for lies enthuse the offensive senses to create an unbelievable environment of tragic drama The characters’ dialogues reek Like the monstrous hydra mutate to strangulate the hearts with tentacles Hues of shadows dance around … Continue reading Believable

Passive Travelers

Passive slavery of the mind Passing through every stage in life, blindfolded One solitary figure wading through sea of crowd Without an identity and a voice Feeble voice drowns in the chorus, without being heard There is clamour for space to be ahead Chided away for being without a true identity Perfectly blended with the sameness, cloaked in anonymity A brief life becomes meaningless and … Continue reading Passive Travelers