What Really Exists

How long have you known the present, when it’s fleeting nature takes it elsewhere Search through your memories, even at the backyards of abandoned time Honestly, the present is reduced to other particles, dwells in another dimension Yet you want to grasp it, but escapes magically like ethereal dust Wounding the consciousness around a fundamentally unstable reality is insanity Truth has a cultural tone, disguised … Continue reading What Really Exists

Those Stories

Arcane meanings prepare the chapter of life A lot of mystery surrounds them… of naysayers’ efforts Weaving an alternative tale, a new vocabulary Chronicles that are invalidated by the other world Simply trying to narrate ambiguous stories to naive listeners Tales of suspicious heroism, the rise and fall of individuals Who can corroborate them… time erases consciousness What about those meanings, the signs, untold narratives … Continue reading Those Stories


Pinching out from the rotting layers Spreading them across the fragile cloth Fragments of forgotten time between the fingers Bending down for a closer look Is that still a reality which can be compared? Decayed time smells unpleasant Surrendered to the immense pressures of change All those ill-fated clocks have been abandoned The fragile cloth cowers after some time What else could be revealed? Trite … Continue reading Unearthed

Without the Explanations

Yesterday was inadequately explained I have to carry on with today- the sweet and sour distractions Simply bowing to the persuasion of time; time and again, the incorrigible one There’s no respite from the unflattering moments of rush Simply, there isn’t any simple reason to unfollow the hastening world Roseate moments diluted easily in the harshness of a strict sun Should one forget the happy … Continue reading Without the Explanations

Nothing Endures

Attempting to visit obscure time Rewinding the thoughts in a convoluted design It’s a feeling inspired from eternity Going back may divulge the missed moments Undesirable then and lack of inclination To comprehend or paucity of intellect When that moment is lost  Now won’t be relevant to the past Knotted in time and displayed in universe None can breathe life in retrospect Chastising now is … Continue reading Nothing Endures

Adverse Time

Time has hollowed the place Some of the faces come forward Eager to narrate the past Mostly, hearsay Stretching back in time To retrieve graceful stories Breathing life again   In the memories of a region Echoes are feeble Striking against each other From dilapidated walls Antiquated journeys and struggles Prodding the fragmented remains If they were to speak In a bygone language Ears would … Continue reading Adverse Time

Uncovered Past

The desire to uncover the past One who wishes to walk back amidst the layers of dust Provoke the lungs to create a tempest Clear away the stubborn and false narratives Each speck colluded with the plan to deceive Wish to pick up the brittle relics Touch the truth in retrospect Once recalcitrant heart tarnished the glorious truth Seeking punishment from the inanimate antiques Doors … Continue reading Uncovered Past