Irresolute Heart

An irresolute heart  Tries to hold on to the past Dreaming of a beautiful present In between illusionary worlds Present wrapped in a cloak Of the past memories Heart has to forego the present Confined within indecisions Life obscured among heavy mist© Continue reading Irresolute Heart

Life’s Book

One wouldn’t want to hold a book too heavy With the collected belongings which are useless Clink-clank of the rusted thoughts and experiences A book too wound up with the unnecessary covers Almost enjoying the dark corners of the shelf The dog-eared pages reveal more unsavory truths Volatile past is evident from the old-book smell The book of life with pages turned musty yellow Book … Continue reading Life’s Book

The Mirror

The mirror frames you perfectly You entire existence is a reflection Only for you to stand there and contemplate How does your world fit here? Reflecting how life has been treating you Silent ponderings, from busy thoughts You cannot hide your face away A reflection of a reflection of your heart The eyes hold the gaze through the retrospective You life going back and forth … Continue reading The Mirror


The hoarded secrets of a lifetime No more can you keep them safe As the box have turned rusty with time Mistakes are a great teacher Sometimes the lessons are too tough The present is mauled by the past One may not share the secrets But the rusty box bursting at the edges Waiting to spill over the present moment Time wears away the facade … Continue reading Secrets