Looking in the wrong direction Some mysterious events are distracting Considering you are inattentive Even naive; the reality was not a good tutor Like an early arrival A new destination for an uninitiated traveller Who wished to move around Untrained eyes always look elsewhere Unsolved riddles become trickier Restless soul plans to leave Without planning for the next journey Carrying a troublesome fortune ~Amitav Continue reading Misdirected

Down That Difficult Path

The thoughts that are led across a difficult path Waiting for darkness to descend, for lights expose Those deeds of rapscallions to spin a sinister deal Wrapped in a suspiciously garish disguise of lies Handed down to propagate a dishonourable theory A curse that has sunk deeper and flows effortlessly Dragged along difficulties in rushed fascination A heart leaps out of reasons- a known betrayal … Continue reading Down That Difficult Path


Dwindling light and advancing darkness It’s time to choose- this way or a path that seems elusive Eyes take time to adjust at this juncture Difficult to focus beyond a point Confabulations create a contrary image Fingers point, but paths seem to bifurcate Life smells different, a mysteriously lingering aroma Hopeful for the greenery and abundance Is it too much to ask? Confines of unrealistic dreams are … Continue reading Decision