No Rush

Measured quivering, unknown rhythm of eventide Flurry of activities of winged messengers before retiring Sky gently blends the afterglow with warm invitations for night There is no rush, yet, we cannot fathom the eternal patience Precise movement according to the mood that prevails Nature does not narrate its feelings in abbreviations Glorious languour entices the solitary observer within its folds Exceptional beauty reveals pure feelings without … Continue reading No Rush

Through Ages

It may take ages, but the stone does melt Sometimes smoothened and shaped differently Cracks may appear and fall apart- dual destiny From the same block but different characteristics Patience of water is eternal None can guess the age of an elixir that rejuvenates life Breathes life into the lifeless There is rhythm in the flow and sweet reverberation Nature amplifies with such clarity Stories … Continue reading Through Ages

Intriguing Nothingness

That is omnipresent in nothingness intrigues the mind Envious of the devoted concentration of eternal consciousness It feels strange to be trapped in the commotion of conscious flailing Scriptures with invisible words remain hidden from ordinary vision Speech dilutes communication and energy dissipate in frivolous pursuits Dolorous moments deluge the simple days of warmth and happiness Cosmic orders and chaos rearrange the symmetry of its core Fortunes change … Continue reading Intriguing Nothingness

The Evening

Leaning towards an intriguing evening Somber moods of the day flailingly seek refuge Soft murmur of darkness is a pleasant surprise The heart is unburdened of undesirable anarchy Voices will be heard again with patience Parched life drinks from a mystical stream  Silver essence of the potion rejuvenates the soul Mind is eager to embrace the evening’s candour  From darkness appears a messiah of hope Pray thee … Continue reading The Evening

The Pleasures of Life

“All pleasure is not pleasurable”, the eyes spoke a different language. A disparity between the dialogues within and facial expressions are pronounced. The heart takes a brief pause for a reason; although, not everyone is aware of this occurrence. It seeks a masterpiece composed by the eternal consciousness and a life embellished with true feelings. With patience, the eyes seek to adjust and sharpen the … Continue reading The Pleasures of Life

Identity of Words

Dislocated words dangle feebly with excruciating pain Tattered tendons and muscles do not allow room for communication Some feelings being alienated and punished with disdain Looking at the words in agony shatters the heart of Bards An effort to apply the haphazardly collected words for therapeutic measures Twisted feelings distort the narratives with a deafening scream Lost in the meandering labyrinths are the concerted effort of pen … Continue reading Identity of Words

A Destiny

There is no magic balm to smear on the forehead Wishing to expunge the fate that has been inscribed Vague emotions are not enough to ameliorate life It’s an insult to consciousness for listening to chaos Look within! If there is hope concealed in any corner Take time to consider the turmoil and control emotions The forehead reflects convoluted ciphers as fate  Bowing down to the perfidious … Continue reading A Destiny

The Slow Nature

The slow Nature Inspires to think, at leisure Learning the virtue of patience Everything is essential Not a particle is unnecessary It weaves a tale With so many characters Storyteller’s inspiration With fruitful conversations From Nature’s philosophy The unpredictability With the scene transforming Soul is awestruck  With the natural beauty Every facet worth exploring Steps of synchronicity Takes the traveler away Towards new adventures The … Continue reading The Slow Nature