When Paused

Frayed time looks pugnaciously over an extended gloominess Smudged smiles, furrows run deep across the eccentric actions of mankind Sways of time, indifferent weather and an impatient excitement runs deep Across scrambling feelings; even the little pauses jolt them out of a reverie For those who have pushed back and withdrawn from the incessant chaos Might have discovered another world of unlit passion with ancient … Continue reading When Paused


Trapped in shadows, the feeble winter sun gives that feeling of aloofness Heart is willing to daydream about the charismatic season and calmly observe The winter’s slumber and delicate images across the idling moments It seems, time necessarily decides to slacken the pace to alleviate the pain Another dimension comes into existence and witnessed by mortal eyes Everything that feels trapped now is thoughtfully embraced … Continue reading Pause


It is that unsure phase between solitude and melancholy Lonely feeling, far away from weeping, there is a surge of emotion There’s no one around to notice and describe Few moments shared and understood by silence Eagerly assures the soul like the affectionate embrace of a mother Just leaning against a cold wall helps realize the warmth within That sudden chill ignites an uncanny truth … Continue reading Unsure