Moments with a Pen

Moment you hold the pen between your fingers It comes to life with your feelings You and the pen share a symbiotic relationship A mutually beneficial relationship to chronicle wisdom Creating an ecosystem of inspiring knowledge Also, inscribing the mantras of mystical world Every particle of paper communicates with Nature Ink travels deeper and flows through with consciousness Universe transforms the ink into a stream … Continue reading Moments with a Pen

The Enchanting Pen

The pen that holds the magic ink Infusing life to dreams of the Soul Words sprinkled with secret mantra Profound hymns will flow with elegance Mind is a tireless traveler Wandering far and to unknown destinations Collecting the untold stories Eyes of the traveler look for inspiration Even in the rocks and arduous terrains In rendezvous with the silent world Listening to stories that are … Continue reading The Enchanting Pen

Keep Writing

Writing is a creative expression of our thoughts and feelings which we so often don’t express through mere conversation. Writing is the outcome after a long and intimate conversation with ourselves and how we fit into our surroundings. It’s all about trying to fit the puzzle pieces and writing is also catharsis. Writing is like meditation where after long contemplation and deciphering the nuances of … Continue reading Keep Writing