The City Holds its Breath

The strenuous relationship between the archaic and contemporary When the city was created and everything was fresh and jovial Entire populace immersed themselves in the revelry of witnessing a change Dwellings of dreams, marketplaces, brimming with gossips and local fare There’s a smell of freshness in the undulating air- enthusiasm everywhere Crowds from far look like bright embroidery that embraces the city New avenues, and … Continue reading The City Holds its Breath

In a Café

In a café Rich aroma of Coffee brew Morning welcome Happy faces Flitting newspaper pages Reads the world story Over aromatic coffee Discuss local happenings Perfect blend of The world with neighborhood Over cups of coffee Animated discussions Some ideas may Change the world Microcosm will fit Perfectly in the macrocosm Small world Can make a difference © Continue reading In a Café