When The Dreams Leave

While dreaming, I turn away from the earlier ones, feeling saturated and satiated with those experiences. Not that they have been fulfilling! Chances have been squandered for fear of alienating the others. There’s always a feeling of comparison that works against each other. I do not enjoy comparing their uniqueness, but the consciousness rushes in to group them and create an identity to place them … Continue reading When The Dreams Leave

The Story of Stories

We look at a story, as a stranger does, after arriving at a new city; with curiosity and awe or instant dislike. It takes some time to absorb the essence of a new destination where the story originates from. An introvert’s narrative is mysterious and disguised in metaphorical embellishments. It is not the language barrier, but the inability to connect with the sentiment, history, and … Continue reading The Story of Stories

What Affects the Images

Traces of narcissism creeps in like a shadow chasing the individuality It’s not a matter of vision anymore but the image being diluted by accompanying thoughts Experiencing such involvement from the unwanted perspectives feels depressingly monochrome Pantomimes speak of the inner turmoil dealing with crass interferences The promotions, the mystification of the unnecessary, and epic failures Leave it not to the privileges of using those … Continue reading What Affects the Images


Awakened winter and its sharp breath  Unknown whispers discuss meagre inspirations Search for that light through degrees of silence Some sentiments are eager to heal Hoping for resurgence from this numbness Feeble breath infused with astuteness Daring to strip off the excesses Hoping for those imperishable dreams Gasping in moments of anticipation Trembling reverie of unusual thoughts The abysses are frozen forever Moments will be … Continue reading Reverie

The Silent One Who Speaks

Stolid face; for stones cannot utter languages at will Maybe the perception of an onlooker trying to identify the Muse Details in the folds of a face narrates a story Eyes too stare at the inquiring eyes of the passers-by Why suffer boredom? Instead, silence can be translated Stillness should not deter the heart to start a conversation Think of the noise of chiselling and … Continue reading The Silent One Who Speaks


A crumpled heart wishes to soak in rejuvenating feelings Collect the potent nectar for nurturing each grain of precious life Resurrect from the abysses towards pinnacle of consciousness Life is positively intoxicating when every inch of being is blessed Fertile dreams will lead through illumined paths of eternity No more contemptuous visions of life through distorted perspectives Clarity and intense focus on well-being of every … Continue reading Perseverance