The feeling when you are not surprised anymore by the surprises is quite perplexing; annoying too. Their over-dramatisation and articulation lack the spark to enlighten the sophisticated senses. This is not about a feeling of superiority or any delusional reflection about one’s character, but there occurs a time when the mundane surprises are not enough. It’s a rather delicate subject to suggest to a progressive … Continue reading Surprise

A Different Season

Night seasoned in an esoteric moment  Insufficient thoughts trouble the mind A new layer of time settles over silence None would speak with a numb tongue Sudden wintriness and soliloquizing Gives an alien feeling of being watched It feels weird spelling the hollow words The brittleness and dent hurts the tongue Mirrors the void that creeps scarily in life Hypocritical times juxtaposed with reality Maligned … Continue reading A Different Season

You and your Other Self

Life comes with challenges. The biggest challenge is to confront the alter-ego on a daily basis. When society wants you to be in multiple roles, depending upon the demands of social culture and transforming milieu, you have to come to an understanding to join hands with the alter-ego to try and live up to the roles. Doing justice to every role is a difficult option … Continue reading You and your Other Self

Masked Nature

It’s not in nature to be of Nature anymore Transformations have given the choices of disguise Every day a new persona with a mask to match A necessity of Life to endear oneself Reality, a distant enigma in the midst of scripted roles Fusion of so many fashionable characters True self  is on a hiatus, a forgotten identity Social pleasantries, when imitated, look more convincing … Continue reading Masked Nature

Life and Persona

So often, we obsess over carefully crafted personas. With meticulous personal branding and the best in business, image management/consulting agencies, create a larger than life persona. They have the pulse on the likes and dislikes of the present generations and work their way through the vulnerable emotions, of mostly young followers. The contribution of media cannot be slighted, who cover all the events and reports … Continue reading Life and Persona