The busyness of streets drowned my intense dialogues I could not concentrate. So many faces and expressions Occasional stares and glances, but few words did filter through Jarring steps jolted the nerves It isn’t easy to follow a rhythm that is set for the crowd Colloquial languages blend to create an intense buzz around Slowly percolate the consciousness Old dialogues mixes with the new ones- … Continue reading Footsteps

Evening City Life

City lights brighten up life for long hours Infuse life with extra dose of radiance Squinting windows of modern architecture Reflects the monotony of everyday extravagance Shiny strip of boulevard awash with busyness Even the rains could not keep away the crowd After a brief respite, city life magically awakens So many footsteps chronicle the journey Skillfully maneuvering through life Weariness is suppressed to go … Continue reading Evening City Life

When things fall apart

When things fall apart You see the strewn pieces That once was part of the puzzle Now you see things with clarity Each piece you thought fit perfectly Yet they fell apart Somewhere the bonds gave way Thought to be stronger Some minute fractures neglected When things fall apart The whole puzzle crashes Revealing the hollowness Pick up the pieces Try bonding them with reason … Continue reading When things fall apart