Infinite Quest

Chosen for the pilgrimage called Life Every day the events inspire buds of consciousness To bloom slowly, revealing their beauty Nurturing every bud with Love and Grace Every drop of thought seeping into the roots Blooming consciousness exudes divine aroma Life becomes beautiful with aura of timeless radiance The Soul will carry this paradise as offering Planting the seeds of purity in a new world … Continue reading Infinite Quest

Crowded Caravans

Don’t board the crowded caravans Caught in the web of chaotic traffic Haphazard intersections of journey Colliding with each other at will You can hardly hear yourself speak Voice drowned in unrealistic cacophony Caravans, like rudderless ships they move Without deciphering the journey’s map Unsure and relentless pursuit of woes Life ceases to be the conscious pilgrimage Quickened thoughts and unrealistic goals The very essence … Continue reading Crowded Caravans