That feeling of being everywhere, but with a feeble relationship with the places There are conversations everywhere; none that can attract the soul to participate freely  Measured breath is exhausting for the traveller and sighs cloud the words like a veil Designs of yesteryear crowded with plans to create invisible chasms throughout As if the city arches back from the heavy embellishments thrust upon undesirably Stifled … Continue reading Design


Let’s ignore the walls The graffiti and bold statements Colourful, yet they are biased Brandishing thoughts  Capable of overriding logic Walls have motives Ideas of safety kept aside Divide!  Quarantine positive thoughts Infectious ideas thrive Body becomes immune Absorbs acerbic perceptions Gazes can censure gullible hearts Denuded, they fumble to escape Within walls, last refuge Again, separated from reality Partitioned and portioned awareness Not enough to … Continue reading Barriers

The Plan of the Universe

If the universe has not intended to legitimize any action, any attempt to override the plan is malefic. We may, from our vague understanding of life (contrary to the truth) continue to boldly go ahead with our plan can cause a major crisis and blockage in growth for the entire life. We trivialize an eternal blessing by revolting against the truth. We may evoke any … Continue reading The Plan of the Universe

The Original Design

The original design of the plan integrated every piece perfectly. The creator with an unparalleled imagination planned the magnificent design. It is visible from afar with the naked eye. Intricate designs chiseled with fine craftsmanship, resulting in a stupendous display of subtle nuances. Planned with meticulous details, a backup design was also thought of and introduced as a parallel existence. The parallel world is unknown … Continue reading The Original Design