The Thoughts at Play

Thoughts bend according to the landscape Eyes travel at leisure, but curiosity awakens the images It’s like wind tickling the imaginations of nature Playing hide-n-seek and discovering the rare truths Fortunate to play in this manner, for nature is gracious It will stretch itself and allow the journeyers to continue Till this day blends into another day like an embrace Only the juices of nature … Continue reading The Thoughts at Play

Beautiful Time

Playful truant lights dodge the effort of twilight sentiments Wants to prance around for a little bit more before bedtime Lure of hypnotic song and warm embrace to cradle nightlong Engrossed lights want to delay the homeward journey Aura of delight engages with birds and trees Hint of mischevious sparkle of beautiful souls mystify the water Tranquillity painted in hues of pure gold Yearnings of … Continue reading Beautiful Time


Drink with thee eyes Eternal showers have arrived Or, get drenched to the Soul Earth wakes up in happiness Waiting for this aroma Feet becomes playful Waiting to splash around Stains of fresh mud and designs Rejuvenates the child within Intoxicated with boundless feelings Songs of nature and rhythm Clouds have been benevolent Today, the child can play Kisses of rains bring peace Tranquility and divine … Continue reading Rains