Implausible Scripts

Shredded scripts of treacherous drama obliterate pernicious dialogues Days when everything was staged with excessive paint to hide falsehood Overthinking and calculative minds scripted narratives of grotesque objectification Happiness struggled to percolate through the stubborn filters of potent lies Even a trickle of that feeling created a hallucination which initiated delirium Breathing, thinking, and communicating according to repetitive memorization Thick curtains allowed only as much freedom … Continue reading Implausible Scripts

A Writer’s Journey

The writer is the invisible protagonist who weaves intricate stories and leaves an invisible presence in the plot. Drawing inspiration from various sources, such as- history, personal experience, life, modified perspectives, strong imagination, and the ability to visualize the unpredictable future. Undeniably, it’s an experience which the writer enjoys and takes a mental note of everyday occurrences. The writer develops the characters keeping in mind … Continue reading A Writer’s Journey