Choosing Trust

An unwavering trust on the fickleness of man Not time alone, but a lot of jostling with ideas Undisguised celebrations of mistaken identities Fidgety hands flipping the pages too soon Waiting to glance at the blunt and rude images Frank discussions traded with secret gossips A crude demonstration of intolerant coexistence Spaces marauded by a crowd; onlookers rejoice Models of insincerity standing on flimsy foundations … Continue reading Choosing Trust

Feelings About Poetry

Poetry is being written in large numbers, but scarcely discussed. I feel poetry is not read carefully, but literally. The flaws in the nature of reading a poetic piece turn into the general discourse that leaves the poet aside. The words are no doubt important, the essence of poetry is in the poet’s nature of artistic craft which transforms the words into important notes; just … Continue reading Feelings About Poetry

If They are not Translated

In the absence of translations, would you be eager to ponder On those lines that stare at you in a different language Their emotions may be similar to yours; do not misconstrue the cadence When nothingness surrounds you and implores to listen to the truth Someone trying to reach you through with personal yearnings Do not dismiss the lines to be silent ones; they have … Continue reading If They are not Translated

What Affects the Images

Traces of narcissism creeps in like a shadow chasing the individuality It’s not a matter of vision anymore but the image being diluted by accompanying thoughts Experiencing such involvement from the unwanted perspectives feels depressingly monochrome Pantomimes speak of the inner turmoil dealing with crass interferences The promotions, the mystification of the unnecessary, and epic failures Leave it not to the privileges of using those … Continue reading What Affects the Images


Trying to comprehend the poet and every line are hindrances while reading poetry. This metaphorical journey is not only real compared to reality itself, but helps shape another environment for symbolism to reveal, eventually. The audacity of distorting the emotions of poetry begins with a tense mind clenched by cliché. It’s not the genre of poetry, but the rhythm that comes from the heart. The incantation … Continue reading Trying

Morning or Night

Be it morning or night A poetic heart loves both The brightness of morn And surreptitious night In the morning- Melody of the wind Beauty of colorful flowers Verdant valleys  In cadence with the mood Night descends In silent anticipation For the luminous heart can seek Magic of night unravels The beauty of stars A ravishing scene to behold Heaven does not discriminate Between morn … Continue reading Morning or Night