A world gasping for the plight of human troubles Everyone unsettled, every dream affected by turmoil In solitude, I realise my deep connection with the world Not defined by my boundaries, my ideologies Also, shunning those unethical commentaries Beliefs surviving on rhetorical speeches Superstitiously stepping on the principles of the Universe Only by man alone, the course of humanity undermined Affected by indifference, intolerance, discrimination … Continue reading Gasping

Agonized Nature

Sapless thoughts, like dry vines, cling to the facade Untamed nature offend the feeble heart and its desires Capturing the essence becomes a toiling effort Time vanishes after being banished to some obscure place Wind visits the unknown galaxies; here, life is an impasse An illusion has grown bigger and persistent Stretching the mind with a tremendous force Parched voices scream in a broken language … Continue reading Agonized Nature


Nature eclipsed by arrogance Like an exhibit behind a toughened glass Presented as a special treat for the visitors Still! It does not breathe but stares helplessly Nature feels the abandonment The sighs storm through the silence Brush stroked happiness is not good enough Only the molds appear to devour it Painted happiness steals reality Survives in storytelling- The fields, blooms, and skies All captured, … Continue reading Eclipsed


Frothy ideas float and the bubbles explode with false enthusiasm Distinct sight of surplus unenthusiasm; eyes detect this burgeoning void There may be too many concoctions in preparing toxic effervescence  Excellent contribution of waste surge ahead with the stories of modernity Pouring that glass of water seems to be innocent and pristine The bane of survival while trying to mediate with the unhealthy ideas ~Amitav Continue reading Futile

Restless Wings

Fidgety wings brush the rough branches Looking hither and thither, an inquisitive idler Playing with the last rays to reflect on day’s labour Fruitless and famished, city life is abominable Solitary mind reverberates to erode symbol of freedom Wings become weak and vulnerable Skies do not hold nostalgia but smoky screen of turmoil Celebration of decadent ideas is evident “Choking the pure essence of life”, … Continue reading Restless Wings

The Air

The air has become spiteful Impregnated with unfriendly thoughts Tries to snoop around and overhear conversations The widest to narrowest streets appear congested Pulmonary hypertension!  Who feeds the air with sinister intent? As if stereotypes and lack of empathy was not enough Dizzy spells blur consciousness Lack of oxygen numbs the brain Clash of jargons and unscientific theories Catastrophic policies brainchild of pseudo intellectuals Tender moments … Continue reading The Air

Stifling Days

The days have been too harsh An unspoken uneasiness in the air Darkness fails to soothe the bad temper Unholy nexus of polluted air Traps the sweltering heat for too long Modern cities look dreary due to faulty designs Dreams wish to reach the skies Although, dwelling in the concrete confines Finding life’s short-cuts to elevated status To fulfill lofty desires with the push of … Continue reading Stifling Days


Deeply indebted to nature For the existence and survival Yet, we have the oldest enmity Even the slightest overgrowth Prompts humanity to lacerate The soul of such beauty Many wounds have been inflicted Humanity’s presence increased Dominating every acre that was conquered Footprints went haywire Tinge of delight on the false sense of victory More of a blot on the Karma Soon the crucible will … Continue reading Indebted