Ordinary words hastily weave a blanket Invisible becomes those feelings of an eloquent soul It may have had marvellous dreams How inconspicuously they survive among many Failing to fill that precious pen with noble ink Tides of change wipe off the classical concepts There are copious comments about simplicity Oblivious of a tremendous sacrifice The magnificence of simplicity is misread Sudden euphoria and impulsiveness wane … Continue reading Surviving

Being There

It’s upsetting for the eyes  Getting acquainted with feeble ideas Blank pages subjected to such plight Feelings caricatured and emulated Climbing in social hierarchy Unscholarly, and rather puerile Chosen by vacuous eyes Adorning the perceived revered spaces Nothing, but colorful graffiti Meagre pride earned Achievements and adulations Brunt cushioned by virtuous pages Exaggerations plenty Even ears refuse the recitations ~Amitav Continue reading Being There

Rendezvous with Self

When was the last time you missed yourself? Thinking and consolidating your thoughts, to create a more vivid image of yourself. It is imperative to understand yourself -the kind of thoughts you harbor, the vision you have about life, the tendencies to extract different types of knowledge; every aspect is important to help you in the journey. Most often we start shaping our thoughts according … Continue reading Rendezvous with Self