While Listening

When you listen to the constant trilling Unaware of life moving ahead in earnest Feeling secure in your nest and dreaming All that you dream of achieving with ease You become aware of the melodic existence Life has a simple rhythm that is healing Meaning emerges from the early recesses Convince the world that you need not hurry Come closer and gather the innate wisdom … Continue reading While Listening

Between Realisation and Healing

When no one wants to heal and speak scatteringly of some remedy Mostly unheard, a time which is misshapen, needle the pain Imposing trees and mountains, the scattered clouds, and wayward rivers Scaly feelings are increasingly uncomfortable Blighted dreams, squirming languages translate the painful moments The colourful flowers amidst folded valleys bleed silent tears All the fables hibernate between the decaying pages Hoping for someone … Continue reading Between Realisation and Healing

The Smiles

There are no last smiles, their similies stay somewhere Its reflections, memories, and feelings rest with a meaning Spaces smile too; the freedom they inspire from infinity Smiles can be quiet but speaks of a hopeful dream Only charming, in the weird world of generic perceptions Revives the heart from a melancholic yesterday They are not pretences; even the mirrors are joyful Horizon’s infinite smile … Continue reading The Smiles

Sustainable Thoughts

If the best possible thoughts are taken in a strictly negative way, it becomes a constant challenge to sustain life with pessimism. The lack of deconstruction of thoughts and every opportunity to fill the mind with negativity can obfuscate clear reasoning. Free flow of negativity slows the course of life. Contributing to negativity cannot be a sustainable idea for life. There are times when positive … Continue reading Sustainable Thoughts


The fragrant candour of blossoms  Cadenced sways like innocent laughter Country ways lead to places of forgotten paradise Wide eyes and friendly smiles transform the face After a long time a feeling of new enthusiasm It’s the energy of awakening and celebrating Greeted by garlanded landscapes Today, the soul feels blessed with Nirvana Someone has lifted the burden  Walking straight and spring in steps Today, time … Continue reading Candour


The wind has been incomprehensively powerful A heart, rebel it has become and wishes to resist the outrage Somber face but clenched fist and a strange turmoil between It feels lonely at times and offending to the vacuously powerful It cuts across the determination, but not too deep to slay Terror of uncomfortable silence can be vanquished The only reason can be found entrenched in … Continue reading Gust

Ethereal Darkness

Artificial lights breathe laboriously before everything plunges into darkness Not often the old lamp has a chance to come out of gradual oblivion While harboring those pulsating moments within to ruminate now Formless, a world of nothingness becomes a more profound reality A silent realization binds the heart in deep consideration for another chance Hoping for the slack strings to start playing a tune of … Continue reading Ethereal Darkness

Contrary Opinions

It may be the lethargic fingers Or, the deliberate wall of perceptions Reading through the ill coloured goggles Dissecting with unsterilized scalpels Taking a stand over weak analyses Incoherent diagnosis of asymptomatic ideas This is where those lines fail To rein in the exuberant bundle of thoughts Till the time healthy ones are stricken with fear The emotions between the pages Lose their vibrant outlook … Continue reading Contrary Opinions

Comfortable Silence

Hold on to the precious thoughts while sinking deeper into silence Comfortable friendship and trust that can evolve with time Some tracks are unseen by the naked eyes, but felt with the soul Interrupting barriers do not look challenging to the seekers Shadows are not dark anymore but a reassuring embrace Universe is not a miser to those who pray for cosmic opulence Reality dawns … Continue reading Comfortable Silence