Ideas for Change

Suddenly waking up one day to improve the world or the situations in society is not a brilliant idea. One has to continuously remain conscious about the perpetual indifferences that have already rooted itself in the psyche. Change is always a gradual process and becomes even more difficult to implement when the inaction has been prevalent due to the understandable willingness to conform. Positive change … Continue reading Ideas for Change

Living Consciously

Expecting positive outcome from life by communicating with negative thoughts in mind regularly will not yield a healthy existence. There is a considerable increase in anxiety, depression, aggression, and unhealthy competition which prevents self-growth and alienates an individual from realising the true potential of life. Here, life in not a constricting definition of a body which has a mind. The mind is not the intellect or … Continue reading Living Consciously

Perennial Radiance

Perennial radiance goads darkness to reveal its feelings Open its soul and to take a deep plunge into ethereal refulgence Tales of yore narrated with enthusiasm to solitary souls In true measure guiding a seeker towards the realm of illumined space Battling worldly destiny and defying all complexities Dreams glide across the cerulean path to reach valleys of native paradise Once encircled with pleasant life the … Continue reading Perennial Radiance

The Purpose

One has to toil with the spade in hand To remove the heaps of discontentment Plenty of landscapes have been disfigured Negligently throwing away hope and desire Compressed and suffocated Undulating journey falter the steps frequently Why leave behind woes? Seek happiness with a noble heart  Never shy away from simplicity Profound truths of life are robed in modesty Virtuous souls are incorruptible Eternity’s enduring mantra … Continue reading The Purpose


Enslaved by the flourishing ecosystem of negative thoughts Minds dragged along exhausting formalities to conform Incredible plan to create a translucent screen to blur the vision Unsettled soul seeks to pray in the claustrophobic framework Reflux of sinister feelings incites the disintegration of life Ambivalence between excessive praise and condemnation  Every assembly encourages fueling the raging cauldron of hate Pure eyes can see through the grand … Continue reading Retrace

Illumined Sphere

Eyes stretch to search for warmth  Cold vibes demoralize the feelings Crackling fire speaks to a soul in earnest Warm the cold hands Before placing them on the heart Relinquish mortal pains Accept, life is slow Transient moments hold eternity Fire reflects same passion Soul will ignite dreams with true spirit Bridge the abyss Fire attracts cosmic forces Guides through rough terrains Feel the intensity of fire … Continue reading Illumined Sphere


Laughter need not be a farfetched dream Only a faint smile is not enough to mask displeasure Write an epitaph! Optimistic sentiments will rebel Breach the domain of scoundrels to reclaim happiness Not just stare at life’s distorted reflections It’s time to experience the reality and true essence Dare to dream of an unrestrained laughter Freedom from the fiefdom of unscrupulous ideas© Continue reading Laughter