Don’t hide the heart from the Sun Sometimes mind can be wayward in its journey Intoxicated by the pessimistic mantras   Deprived of happy feelings, heart becomes indolent  Intrigued by  the echoes from a hollow heart Infirm hands struggle to reach out to embrace positivity Negativity untiringly cascades to deluge hope It’s fatiguing to keep breathing in submerged life Sun’s intensity is not enough to … Continue reading Choices

Life and Decisions

Would you like to confront the mirror of your thoughts? Debate with the myriad reflections of consciousness Imaginations create many situations, of defeats and triumphs Life’s realities prompt your senses to create a world Catharsis through various characterizations, absolving you  From the impact of so many memories that tormented a mind Dialogues of the alter-ego with a persona who guarded the memories It’s only a brave … Continue reading Life and Decisions

Criticism and Pragmatic Approach

An excellent piece of writing, either inspires a reader or irritates them. It all depends on the perspectives and how one analyzes it.  ~Amitav The Etymology (Click the link) To understand how the artist felt, however, is not criticism; criticism is an investigation of what the work is good for. … Criticism … is a serious and public function; it shows the race assimilating the individual, … Continue reading Criticism and Pragmatic Approach


Jealousy fills the mind with anger and that acts as a corrosive property, thus, destroying anything along the path- intellect, common-sense, love, respect, gratitude, and self-development. The person, against whom the feelings are directed is completely oblivious and continues with life; with a positive feeling and is successful in realizing its true essence. This positive feeling can take the individual toward success, despite the hurdles. … Continue reading Jealousy