Closer to the Truth

It all started with a strange debate when languages were unborn Incoherent signs, but symbolism etched here and there Who’ll verify? The truth about The Truth, or Truth on a pedestal “Dreams can pull you towards the right direction”, it’s believed, but how much do we know When reality spoils the dreams, like an egomaniac on the prowl I can paint a symbol, later, may … Continue reading Closer to the Truth

During Idleness The World Wonders

Those who use profanities against idleness Are seriously unaware of the beauty of the thoughtful moments When the world slows dows along with your being There is a rare harmony that gladdens the soul Not being surrounded by the compulsions of a busy world It is a triumph, a daring act, to withdraw Even the day mellows down and the air feels tranquil In an … Continue reading During Idleness The World Wonders

The Smiles

There are no last smiles, their similies stay somewhere Its reflections, memories, and feelings rest with a meaning Spaces smile too; the freedom they inspire from infinity Smiles can be quiet but speaks of a hopeful dream Only charming, in the weird world of generic perceptions Revives the heart from a melancholic yesterday They are not pretences; even the mirrors are joyful Horizon’s infinite smile … Continue reading The Smiles

Closer to the Distant feelings

That which is farthest feels closer to the heart If only the heart knew of this longing after emerging from the distractions They sit closer for some reason; trappings of regular dialogues of stern words Judging them takes time and sends tremors across the overworking mind Is silent wandering a myth for the humankind?  Let’s imagine the endless possibilities from the shy glances of curious … Continue reading Closer to the Distant feelings


Photographs replicate the moments that are visible Difficult, deciphering the real emotions and sentiments The faces become prominent and background is forgotten Sometimes the reality can be traced back with communication Protagonists in the photos give away clues with their eyes A mind that can read visual art and also read the unsaid Holding a photograph can weigh on the mind with its mystery What if … Continue reading Photographs


Possibilities are many Blessed by the eternal nature of life We do not have the time to identify Or, differentiate between contrasting realities One reality is eternal and spells freedom Another, a walk through confabulations Comparisons drive the subliminal world to alter A topsy-turvy relationship with reality Our own creation on doubtful foundation Without knowledge of the eternal possibilities When there’s a hurry to live … Continue reading Possibilities