The Mind and Possibilities

Consider, mind to be a blueprint of the miniature version of the universe. There are many galaxies and the cosmic world encapsulated in the design. We do not realize, that the mind, although, a part of our body, can represent the entire cosmic realm. A world conjured by a magical and intense magnitude that manifests the eternal concept of existence. The body, which is transient, … Continue reading The Mind and Possibilities

The Existence

Obliterate the concept of time World will transform to a seamless existence Curious time peeks into the soul Making us aware of the differences Time is the concept which differentiates Even the senses are conditioned to think so Time potentially suppresses our eternal dreams Creating a world with myriad definitions All that life is, loses its relevance in demarcations Neither can we hold on to … Continue reading The Existence

Philosophical Ramblings~6

Given the complexity of the human brain, it is the most wonderful and intriguing part, with 100 billion neurons or nerve cells. Each nerve cell can be connected to about 10,000 other neurons, passing signals to each other via as many as 1000 trillion synaptic connections. The human beings memory capacity may range from 1-1000 terabytes. I was watching this documentary in the human brain … Continue reading Philosophical Ramblings~6