Of Criticisms and Praise

Instead of pushing back criticism, collect them and analyze their psychology. It may reflect surprising, otherwise hidden, some nuanced behavioural aspects of how humans react to situations. A piece of writing may be followed by praise or criticism. While all praises may not be justified, the criticisms, although incisive may speak volumes about characteristics of minds and their reactions to a piece of writing. Reflect … Continue reading Of Criticisms and Praise

Emphatic Silence

Confessions made in silence are difficult to refute Looking at the eyes and their ever changing directions prove enough The fascinations of the heart clearly reflected in the gaze No more unnecessary dialogues and cavorting assurances My sentiments may not be rich but their honesty undeniable For, those words may sound beleaguered against false bravado A curious pilgrim’s seeking and wanderings unfathomable Some of the chipped … Continue reading Emphatic Silence