On the deserted land, barren and shamed, hoping for the return of pulsation Ears on the ground sometimes, looking East, days collapse on the West’s tired cradle Hopeful of the night, fewer stars, a confused and tired soul wishes a clearer sky Dense consciousness, lonelier stillness, closed eyes and prayers in the heart Waiting to reconnect, retrace the paths forgotten over time, historical blunders Passages … Continue reading Pitter-patter

Change in the Horizon

Tonight, the stars will be bewildered by the celebrations Of change that we all seek passionately; drown the voices with noise Some of the events would be arranged, some forgotten Others scattered here and there, but the precious ones settled deep As the darkness is lit up by smiles, prayers, and lights There are those ripples of memories slowly playing with the mind For now, … Continue reading Change in the Horizon


Poet appears before a worrisome world Conceive the power to convey the essential feelings Truth isn’t ephemeral and love is the eternal mother The clenched world has to relent and release the emotions Looking at the blank pages for some inspiration To raise some eternal moments devised by the universe Accursed seasons shall weaken and fade away The prayer composed by the poet for soul’s … Continue reading Benediction

A Passage

Mind may not ascend towards a sky that looks uncluttered Freedom is always a dream perceived through constricted worldly pursuits Mountains of expectations; oh, so unshakeable Moving them aside with determination and eternal prayers Is considered a pilgrimage for the soul- where dreams are crystal clear Levitating those thoughts through sheer power of existence The horizon is impressed and bows down to construct a bridge … Continue reading A Passage

Some Dreams

When the mind pauses to experience nothingness Cradled in a dream moment Everything vanishes from this part of reality Without permission from worldly desires Noises funnel down to a barely audible whisper Taste of sleep brings along this prevailing calm Muffled songs can be heard by the soul This is a world echoing with prayers Such grandeur around the world of nothingness Hours are erased … Continue reading Some Dreams

The Intellect

The intellect sharpened against grit stones Lethal transformation and glint of menace Avenging years of silence with unreasonable beliefs Severing ties with true knowledge of hermits Who have been banished to dwell among mountains To drink from the streams and meditate in silence Here, mayhem by the lethal intellect continues To capitalize on the capital of human labor Wiry sinews strained from the rapid lifestyles … Continue reading The Intellect

Messenger of Dreams

Share your dreams with the winds Let them be the messengers Your dreams will travel to farthest lands Touching upon the mountain peaks Across the valleys and dense forests Through the waterfalls and the streams Dreams joyfully dancing with the winds Carefree, with the forces of nature Willingly listening to the echo of your dreams Inspiring the universe to meditate on them Your ardent plea … Continue reading Messenger of Dreams