In Honesty

Honesty has a forlorn expression, exists only as a word The erasing symbolism seems out of place and blurry to irascible eyes Devoid of meaning, the word barely suspended from a precarious edge Somewhere, this has been stuffed with meanings that contradict its essence With honesty toward travesty, the daring feet stomped on feelings Those meanings have been a caricature over a vulgar facade  Honestly, there is … Continue reading In Honesty

Dwelling on Uncertainties

Colour of walls transform according to the prevailing sentiments Shut doors imprison them till they squabble and find answers Changing masks from the choices that are displayed by mirrors Languishing phones do not stir due to lack of messages from the world House becomes busy clicking pictures of every possible mood  Framed reminders in every room as the inhabitants ponder Trying to get hold of … Continue reading Dwelling on Uncertainties

Through Narrow Spaces

It’s laborious to carry forward wisdom through constricted spaces There are numerous alleys with insufficient freedom and gloomy appearance They have this covert agreement to design a complex matrix to mislead travelers Without an idea of the concept of Time and comprehension of Space Loud minds yell with conviction with much fanfare to obliterate the grim realities Every cell detests the sizzling jamboree where empty crucibles are … Continue reading Through Narrow Spaces

Philosophy of Life

Philosophy or the love for wisdom is a relentless pursuit. Every day it is a new dawn, new opportunities, and new realizations.  Philosophy is intrinsically woven in the tapestry of life. Thoughts are spontaneous and they emerge from the journey of life, past experiences and your interactions with the world around you. They may be positive or negative and thus impact the course of life. … Continue reading Philosophy of Life