The Demands

If not join hands in reverence, then, does the raised voice demand Instead of greeting the fortunes that were inherited, they are plundered Slips off the slopes of ignorance into a greedy abyss Unprepared, unthoughtful, unrefined- the coarse thoughts make it impossible To exist along the tenets of existence; now, speak of broken promises The canopy of falsehoods was never meant to nurture sanctified thoughts … Continue reading The Demands

Boring Passage

The idea of easy-going slander coming off the serrated edges of prejudices Feels like a smooth passage through the unimaginably magnanimous universe Where does it get this eternal patience from to deal with the aberrations? There won’t be any seeds anymore and fruitless ideas will wilt immediately The onus of injuring life, the stifling of love, and trampling the human ethos Detesting the possessions of … Continue reading Boring Passage

Some Intentions

Love for vanity is a prejudiced affair Like asking a coiffeur to style the look according to the present social norm So the mirrors get confused with the similarities and stop reflecting the truth The smoky armour helps hide the amorous adventures with affable imageries Drama of the tragi-comedy unfolds with the characters mouthing profane insanities Towering pride becomes the most ostensible symbol of foolish … Continue reading Some Intentions

Complex Seeking

How does the mind find its way through the darkness illumined with illusions? It plays with the ephemeral images, silhouetted with prejudices. If opinions were credible explanations, then there would have been clarity. The intriguing habit of manipulating with matters churned out in the experimental sarcasm, perfecting the onerous production of fanciful burden. The irate ways and communication blunders create a pattern of a haphazard … Continue reading Complex Seeking

Contrary Opinions

It may be the lethargic fingers Or, the deliberate wall of perceptions Reading through the ill coloured goggles Dissecting with unsterilized scalpels Taking a stand over weak analyses Incoherent diagnosis of asymptomatic ideas This is where those lines fail To rein in the exuberant bundle of thoughts Till the time healthy ones are stricken with fear The emotions between the pages Lose their vibrant outlook … Continue reading Contrary Opinions


Distractions are inadequate and feeble attempts by society To compose a prelude, carrying dishonest promises While being attentive to them, moments are wasted In the daily pursuit of futile protocols of a correspondence That exposes the memorised prejudices at length Waiting for an interlude appears to be an enigmatic fate Spirited dialogues convey nothing but delusions A journey summarised too easily in frivolous conclusions Reciprocating … Continue reading Distractions


Shrill and despairing voices stabbed tranquility with sharp jibes The symmetry of peace shatters, hopelessly fragmented Constant tone of defiance arise from the depths of hollow promises Obedient followers systemically brainwashed to utter clichés Loneliness becomes a constant companion affecting the sensory perceptions High-pitched voices are audible- shredding the heart and mind every day Offense becomes the best defense against the speeches of wisdom Nothing … Continue reading Narratives

Thoughtful Thoughts and Progress

Thoughts are the building block of society. ~ Amitav There has always been a callous attitude towards philosophical discourse and critical analysis of life. Due to ambivalence towards such knowledge they have always been either looked at with disdain or overlooked with a passive aggressive behaviour. Philosophical discussions are considered mundane while weak residual knowledge is encouraged. Highlighting the weaknesses and challenging prejudices has always … Continue reading Thoughtful Thoughts and Progress

The Illustrations

The illustrations in the book were distorted Heavy graphite smudges reflected the darkness A mind that was not illumined with life Lines demarcated the field of comprehension Barren landscape where nature did not tread Stern looking faces demoralised the reader The pages felt heavy with prejudices An intellect without the nourishment of the Universe Deceptive narratives accompanied the illustrations Every character coerced to deliver verbal … Continue reading The Illustrations