What Really Exists

How long have you known the present, when it’s fleeting nature takes it elsewhere Search through your memories, even at the backyards of abandoned time Honestly, the present is reduced to other particles, dwells in another dimension Yet you want to grasp it, but escapes magically like ethereal dust Wounding the consciousness around a fundamentally unstable reality is insanity Truth has a cultural tone, disguised … Continue reading What Really Exists

Failing to Rearrange

‘Twas the disarranged thoughts unwillingly present Assigned to delve into them, but days feel toilsome Clings to the peripheries… prophecies of a future Overthinking promises a solution- fabricated thoughts Constant friction does not smooth the journey Overt promises fall apart… surrendered too much Wise words appear to be fake; mysterious ways Expectations become ominous during forceful times ~Amitav Continue reading Failing to Rearrange

In Pursuit

In reality, we pursue a phantom Thy name is future Breathing enough reality into it Even before the present moment can retire Looking ahead to capture the illusion Distracted minds look ahead in anticipation Ambivalence leaves the heart with contradictions Always in a vain, search driven by desires Shrunken imaginations lay crumpled in mind’s corner Precious moments are lost- between memories and future This present moment … Continue reading In Pursuit

The Mirror

The mirror frames you perfectly You entire existence is a reflection Only for you to stand there and contemplate How does your world fit here? Reflecting how life has been treating you Silent ponderings, from busy thoughts You cannot hide your face away A reflection of a reflection of your heart The eyes hold the gaze through the retrospective You life going back and forth … Continue reading The Mirror


The hoarded secrets of a lifetime No more can you keep them safe As the box have turned rusty with time Mistakes are a great teacher Sometimes the lessons are too tough The present is mauled by the past One may not share the secrets But the rusty box bursting at the edges Waiting to spill over the present moment Time wears away the facade … Continue reading Secrets

Labyrinth of Chaos

The decibel levels go uphill every day Reaching the pinnacle of chaos Blinding city lights looks alluring from aerial view Here, the ground reality narrates a different story Hearts have become cold and greetings camouflaged Contradictory messages from incoherent thoughts Daily tasks are never satisfying and without a goal Sycophants are the winners in the floundering businesses Dichotomy and dilemma split the psyche Lack of … Continue reading Labyrinth of Chaos