Chaos is difficult to predict, what seems to be chaotic may be the energy with which situations are rearranged, the epicenter of chaos may be scattered, but it’s effect, although delayed, may be felt with changing times and narratives. Information is becoming more powerful than ever, it’s course unpredictable, develops a consciousness of it’s own, probably, not even computable, as the quantum changes of human … Continue reading Chaos

The Arguments

No one likes the preachy tone, Yet, the minds dither trying to solve the dilemma. Expect the conversations are not pushed further. Against the legitimate arguments; The stars may be aligned wrong, but foibles are unuttered, It becomes an unwritten agreement. The willingness to differ with those cosmic intersections, A feeling of overpowering the darkness world. Impose the diktats on the lit up minds, For … Continue reading The Arguments

Compelling Procrastination

Perverse procrastination, perpetual propensity peels the propriety of passions Contorted phantasms past their prime and prejudiced existence prelude a downfall Of extreme stretches of laid down principles of unprincipled ideologies Life prostrates for being continually subjected to incoherent gusts of fury From the inability to comprehend the prototypes and proclivity towards ignorance Fatal optimism leads the minds towards a precarious precipice of no return ~Amitav Continue reading Compelling Procrastination

Cessation of Dreams

The day sags during its peak, disappointing for the enthusiastic hearts Wilting dreams appear pale; they eyes droop due to the unresponsive images Standstill! Tedious as it may feel, one has to endure the unwelcome silence Language lacks the emotions and unsure feelings search for a safer place to hide There are no legitimate questions that can really awaken the true principles Dare not visit … Continue reading Cessation of Dreams

Compared Reason

There are reasons in life that you cannot compare. They are so unique and undebatable that it certainly makes you uncomfortable. It has always been human nature to critique, compare, and contest to offer analogies from either one’s own reasoning capacity or acquired from the numerous interpretations. When perceptions cannot be connected to some other comfortable perception, it becomes an uncomfortable situation. Most likely, certain … Continue reading Compared Reason

Set Free

The ‘I’ may be a lie; created from cajoled perceptions Some even pinned by others to shape according to their convenience Not as flexible as the spine but an irritatingly docile existence Interactions and interpretations in euphoric voices The plasticity and artificiality shapes the characteristics Everyday surrenders are irritating, but eventually one has to To liberate from this ‘I’ and breathe freedom is a positive … Continue reading Set Free

Foundations and Challenges

Everywhere, the ancient is sinking deeper Ground beneath collapses under foundational flaws Structural fastenings restrain the classical designs Predictions from Janus face swivels the doors Fate resembles agitated waves of Seas Uncomfortable stillness unsettles the soul Hibernating thoughts wish to ascend limitations Unceasing cortège of followers lay contradictions Overcoming challenges are an uphill task ~Amitav Continue reading Foundations and Challenges


Trying to see the engraved divine speeches There is so much to comprehend from eternity Every facet of the Design is presented Sermons of silence for those who wish to seek Proven morality and principles of life essayed Not from elsewhere or can be borrowed  Here, there, everywhere, a directionless stroll Nothing can compensate for constant absence From the daily narration when soul speaks Any preacher may disgust … Continue reading Speeches


Decadent feelings surged ahead with immense destruction Breached the barriers to deluge every corner of sanity Reputation wiped away and no trace of repentance Without accountability, the bestowed powers weakened Complexities from inefficient definitions of a journey Low self-esteem spiralled out of control to cast a shadow Insecurities set sail and drifted like a rudderless being Courting existence without being aware of right intentions Defense of blatant … Continue reading Contempt

Mellifluous Morning

The silence of early morning is mellifluous Slowly stripped of the covers of darkness Unveiling a new day with hope in the heart Early riser greeted with an envelope of love Carrying the message for another day Listening to the silent oratory of the morning Explaining the tenets of a joyous life ahead The keen soul finds it easier to comprehend Morning preacher explains the … Continue reading Mellifluous Morning