Testing Time

It was the test of times and the restive moments were conspiring against the docile feelings that were just trying to survive. As if time were plaited uncomfortably with two distinctly opposite sentiments. There isn’t any reason for life to become restless when there are silence and harmony. Still moments always seem to stir the worst possible emotions; as if the mind is caught between … Continue reading Testing Time


An unfortunate want interrupts the sonorous voice from narrating the stories It was just about to begin when the mind was distracted by numerous desires Which universe conspires to unsettle the being with such trivialities? Impending quarrel darkens the mood and engages the senses for a duel With the being that did not wish to be interrupted while the narrations were about to begin Surrounded by … Continue reading Interruptions


List of forgotten essentials Faint images still murmur  Overshadowed by life Projections are a strategy Overlapping blurry feelings Disorganized conversations Incurable negative tongue Weak composition of words Languages of despair Impotent powers celebrated An agreement accepted Relegating the real self Holding the crumpled list Essentials are useless Ambitions soar  Dreams and perceptions Marketed with skill The virtue of conformity A resounding ‘Yes’ Approval with diligence Finding … Continue reading Essentials