The Hand

The hand can be creative Sow seeds of hope with words Watch feelings bloom Spirited ink inspire the roots Of letters that read to the heart Touching universe’s beauty Hand blessed with eternity Soundless moments of Earth It’s a parallel reality in lines The defeat of Behemoth Freedom reclaimed Verses are too profound Awaken the ears Invoke the mighty minds Hand is revered Closing the … Continue reading The Hand

Eternal Synthesis

Words of the soul rest somewhere in the deep folds of eternity Imagine the Lotus nurturing them like dewdrops sweet and aromatic Even the gaze look beyond to understand the profoundness of silence Affinity toward a synthesis of worlds from a celestial destiny These languorous moments comfort the soul like a warm blanket It is not necessary to meander and reach when destiny comes calling … Continue reading Eternal Synthesis

The Quietness

The quiet world is much more intense compared to the fierceness of chatter They occur in a rhythm whose pinnacles shatter the obstinate reflective facade Modulating the flow of truth that matches the intensity of universe’s eternity Consciousness carves out a landscape overnight to bathe in early morn glory Prayer reverberating there to wake up profound reality to cleanse the lies Time is unnecessary when … Continue reading The Quietness


Noise fails to terrify the scared solitary world It’s my own voice against the stigmatised speeches Eyes drift to the eternal horizon; seeking courage This voice reverberates through interminable spaces None can reach the depth of profound silence Perceptions are crafted by erudite communications Without slumbering between the literary constraints Presence of this instance is an immense reality Looking ahead and beyond every possible meaning … Continue reading Infiniteness


The soul is magnanimous, encompassing eternity  In an abode that will shrink and crumble away with time Where do the wanderings take this journey? Without committing to the heart and mind Defying the descriptions and limitations With a serene face allowing the eyes to explore  Breaking the pattern in the world of symbolism Nothing can hold back the soul Let not the lies poison the … Continue reading Finality


Sometimes turning the blank pages is all it takes to inspire a thought  What can the untouched spaces offer  that communicates profoundly? Maybe, not engaging with any other thought and being loyal to the mind spells magic It is that dimension of existence that opens its doors to solitary thoughtfulness  Such ideas are rarely being translated with seriousness  Always, that reality of creativity which the … Continue reading Sometimes 


Acts of Silence acquire a more pronounced fate Manifested, as Time unfolds the fate of bud in due realisation Death does not have influence over deific influence Childlike emotions seek only those moments to cherish life None determines the vocation of a seeker or indulgence Aspirations of making uncomfortable choices are obsolete New ideals are chosen from the new circumstances A wanderer is never complacent … Continue reading Preparing