Unsettling For Reality

Unsettled and unresolved ages ago, they come to haunt again An apparition captures the entire consciousness- it is a surrender Not willingly; a power that is difficult to defeat and deny Feigned consciousness, the arrogance to deal with the changes Creates a vulnerable space through which the forces enter Such a wretched environment created from the fatal procession Nature begins to wilt- once that was … Continue reading Unsettling For Reality


Being repetitive can be energy consuming; as if the incoming fresh energy is mired in a stagnant, but the forceful vortex of chaos over a single idea. Yet repetition is ubiquitous! There is a propensity to memorise everything we come across- our thoughts, actions and the prevailing solutions that we absorb from the pressures of surrounding society. Learning too is instilled with repetitiveness; the memorisation … Continue reading Repetitive

Life Lesson

You only require extensive ‘Branding’ when you want to sell something and popularise the same. A lot of media attention and bandwidth is dedicated to disseminate unhealthy and regressive ideologies. It is evident, that respect for each other in society is diminishing, causing more friction, frequently resulting in conflagrations. Life does not need ‘Labels’ and as it is not a commodity or a corporate idea, so … Continue reading Life Lesson


Cities are transforming into islands Creating unique identities and micro cultures Drifting away and trying to form archipelagos But, that emotional essence of original culture flows silently Manicured landscapes and modern designs paved way for life Everything executed clinically after improvising grotesquely  Most of the structures and sentiments are incongruous with life Those little gaps between islands look like mere slits from aerial view Yet, on closer look, … Continue reading Adrift

With New Ideas

A journey from the quill to a pen Beyond our imagination, the journey When ink spilled over with misuse Many edicts bear the signature of hubris More than a blotch on human endeavor From papyrus to the blank pages Sentences across caved in from pressure Recorded misadventures in memoirs Many thoughts were a noose for freedom  Strangulated thoughts and muffled voices Yet, the might of the … Continue reading With New Ideas

Stifling Days

The days have been too harsh An unspoken uneasiness in the air Darkness fails to soothe the bad temper Unholy nexus of polluted air Traps the sweltering heat for too long Modern cities look dreary due to faulty designs Dreams wish to reach the skies Although, dwelling in the concrete confines Finding life’s short-cuts to elevated status To fulfill lofty desires with the push of … Continue reading Stifling Days

Glorious Life

You have successfully arrived in life and can journey with confidence, the day you have learnt to, with dignity, remain calm and positive against the barrage of unnecessary sarcasm, criticism, rejection and being ignored by the ignorant people.   It takes strong will, determination, and true education to deal with such commonplace and cliched behaviour. If you are on the right path, you will achieve … Continue reading Glorious Life