That Which is Chosen

I can only choose where my feelings dwell Some mornings mysteriously do not ring the bell Not that the prayers are only for edification Some shadows do linger and delay the elation Of the heart that has dreams of keeping a promise Would be foolish to anticipate that something’s amiss Not yet, all the close feelings have to surrender Time has mellowed and the clocks … Continue reading That Which is Chosen

Eternal Synthesis

Words of the soul rest somewhere in the deep folds of eternity Imagine the Lotus nurturing them like dewdrops sweet and aromatic Even the gaze look beyond to understand the profoundness of silence Affinity toward a synthesis of worlds from a celestial destiny These languorous moments comfort the soul like a warm blanket It is not necessary to meander and reach when destiny comes calling … Continue reading Eternal Synthesis


Silence is surprisingly misconstrued Even when masks of sound wear off Absorbed words can be overwhelming Open eyes staring at offensive approach Speaking of taking away the rights From life, a life is offered unsatisfactory A disgrace when unable to choose Imposed speeches utter false nobility A flimsy cloak of freedom is insufficient Hiding behind the recklessness Striking with a sense of vengeance Improper information … Continue reading Thereafter

The Promise

The conundrum of a promise may shy away from divulging a truth Self-absorbed; from where thou pick those words to frame dialogues Magnanimous soul still likes to believe in mutable stories Every sentence tinged with condemnation- presages the fate of a relationship Self-deceiving, the heart likes to be surrounded by those assurances Details are overlooked by gullible eyes while constructing an inaccurate world An isolated … Continue reading The Promise