Eyes rarely identify the natural flourish of nature Waves of transformations are diverted Settling upon vast expanses of silence Restless time eager to erase those beautiful memories Numb houses rarely stir at dawn Only life wakes up to a commotion Voices won’t settle for solitude Love dissolves in the unsettling flow Cold streams shiver a lost soul ~Amitav Advertisements Continue reading Rarity

Poetic Sense

Poetic sense becomes feeble when there is a contradiction between the desires of the soul to create from the experiences, and strong conscious persuasion from the demands of others. The temptation to create from the conscious and subliminal freedom is suppressed to surrender to the desires of curious eyes. The purity of poetic composition diminishes, and further dissolves into the ocean of chaotic escape. An … Continue reading Poetic Sense

As Night Retires

The night must have thought before parting ways with dreams They cannot rest here forever, it’s morning’s wish to lead them elsewhere How sublime the night was and dreams unreal descended here Cared for till the Earth taught them to speak in a language known to the senses Hoping, the turmoil won’t affect their spirit with some persistent malaise Morning assuages the fears of dreams … Continue reading As Night Retires


Wandering as a child, with curious eyes and delight of a beautiful world Unmindful of the incessant chatter while working on a secret sweet language To impress the pristine days, who will appreciate the little one’s effort and listen carefully Great virtue to wander through these experiences of seeing days bloom with love Graceful steps feel the vibrations of a universe and bring joe to … Continue reading Wandering


At the eternal altar, sitting there cloaked in ultimate silence Affinities of the heart transcended worldly attractions  Lyrical mantras reverberate across the celestial dome; a pleasure for the senses  Seeking to immerse in the waves of oceanic wonder; like oyster yields pearls, the soul will word of wisdom From the unknown depth to the limitless zenith, a journey of solitary soul Rosy evenings are divinely aromatic; … Continue reading Affinities


Culture of words, their excursions through meandering terrains have taken them toward urban dwellings With them, the emotions feel exhausted and unsettled; adjusting among the jostles isn’t easy For, they wish for peaceful environs and the freedom to introspect without contempt of busyness Among these caricatures and mockery, it’s difficult to maintain that pristine creativity Let the emotions distillate and settle in an unknown depth … Continue reading Culture


Breathing with the trees, tranquillity surrounding the soul Camouflaged in green; a feeling of oneness An acknowledgement from the eternal eyes Childhood beckons the adult heart to unburden the denial Of not being accepted because of destructive thoughts Simplicity is complicated enough in a world of conformity Artificial sleep is a detour for the soul  Now it is time to experience dreams of purity Branches nod … Continue reading Wonderment


Blushful world appears from the shadows of dim reality Timorous smile waiting to caress the vibrant crimson clarity Timid heart dreams of owning a world of freedom and truth Eternal sphere arranges the rays to revive fountain of youth Winking sparkles lure the soul towards a blissful celebration Nimble feet leave behind worries and join the congregation Children of awakened souls immersed in waves of … Continue reading Omen


If everything was fire and burning eternally One who sparked those intense flames Exceptional luminosity gave a glimpse of life Misunderstood the ignited consciousness Speaking fire with fire- we charm ourselves Trying to dominate and manipulate  That essence of life lost in rousing uncertainty Eliminating the sheen off edges of horizon Senses unaware of those pure chants of fire Misinterpreting light and warmth in the … Continue reading Fire