Blushful world appears from the shadows of dim reality Timorous smile waiting to caress the vibrant crimson clarity Timid heart dreams of owning a world of freedom and truth Eternal sphere arranges the rays to revive fountain of youth Winking sparkles lure the soul towards a blissful celebration Nimble feet leave behind worries and join the congregation Children of awakened souls immersed in waves of … Continue reading Omen


If everything was fire and burning eternally One who sparked those intense flames Exceptional luminosity gave a glimpse of life Misunderstood the ignited consciousness Speaking fire with fire- we charm ourselves Trying to dominate and manipulate  That essence of life lost in rousing uncertainty Eliminating the sheen off edges of horizon Senses unaware of those pure chants of fire Misinterpreting light and warmth in the … Continue reading Fire

Walking Alone

Walking along the fine edges require ultimate patience Reasoning with those uncertain waves of change alters life There can be no reliance on existing perceptions and ideologies Only presence of mind and soul’s eagerness to disseminate language Unique, coming from the precious relationship with self Those times are solitary and reverberate expansively with profoundness There are no interpreters or other psychological barriers Freedom of thoughts … Continue reading Walking Alone

True Reason

It’s a constant struggle to remain calm Among myriad reflections that threaten to intrude The world so beautifully crafted  Glaring discrepancies initiate series of doubtful encounters Speculating on every possible theory that defines  Through prohibitive masks of sundry characters Increasingly jeopardising the delicate relationship  Inner sanctuary yearns to reconcile with true life Possibility dwindles when cradled by distorted reflections Time to focus and emerge with clarity Without … Continue reading True Reason


Illusions always feel cold and unreceptive Quite incompatible with the dreams and feelings That eagerly waits to taste pure light From first breath of consciousness remain neglected Here, the looming manifestation of heartless images Continuously toying with a perplexed mind Face tries to hide the confusion within contours of eyes Unfamiliar tongue speak in a labyrinth of jamboree Exaltations and gyrations of illusionary dreams The … Continue reading Illusions

Pure Feelings

Few lines dart around the heart, trying to reason with their feelings Yearnings still unsure of meeting the outside world with premature sentiments Let them torment the mind for few more lingering moments Soul will decide when to communicate the precious emotions Beloved life will guide a simple heart to seek around for eternal signs Finer memoir will be written in dignified language to chronicle true love … Continue reading Pure Feelings

With Clarity

Difficult to understand the sea of feelings Until the heart dares to take a plunge Eyes take time to adapt and vision life with clarity Measuring every breath carefully  Heart becomes willing to listen to the reverberations Soul’s resilience takes wing to swim longer It’s an ethereal feeling in the fluidity of life Desires pure inundate divine existence Assimilating the reflections of celestial grace Navigating … Continue reading With Clarity

Of Feelings

Feelings conceive consciousness Swift subtle motion encircles essence of life Somewhere destiny is planned Carrying memories of bygone eras Origin of new beginning and continuity Omniscient one decides the fate To channelise the birth; lineage proceeds Deeds are taken into account From first till the last breath of existence Spirit is bestowed with tasks To complete the lifecycle From the womb to the deathbed Every breath is counted Actions … Continue reading Of Feelings

Beyond and Within

Difficult lies entices the illusionary world of Time Conceives the most potent narratives to blend with consciousness Eternal thoughts pushed aside to create new pulsating desires ‘Forever’ rests in the forgotten realm as illusions transform perception Cosmic sighs echo; the silently powerful messages always relevant Communicates with the purely conscious souls to further life There is no burden to translate the feelings to collective conscience … Continue reading Beyond and Within