Through transparency, life yields its most profound thoughts When the azure blue transforms into a brilliant mirror, Divine dreams reflect Sudden murmurs wake up life and urge the soul to ardently listen Ripples of contentment dances across the clear streams Thrilled eyes look in contentment, passionately surrendering to the reflections Gentle wind metamorphoses the mind into a butterfly, fluttering with happiness In search of the … Continue reading Transparency

Moving Ahead

Finding the lost trails of immaculate life Wandering through the realms of unknown Sprightly dust particles speak to the wind Revealing the paths that were forgotten Moving ahead with conviction Relinquishing the unnecessary dialogues Saving the words to narrate pure feelings Keen traveller does not follow usual routes Freedom from illusions and conspiracies Profound narrations of soul guides Clarity chisels away the obstructive design Unveiling … Continue reading Moving Ahead


Watching the gracious ether is a fulfilling experience The physical world’s illusions are shattered by the Trident Soul awakens to the embrace of Oneness Rays of light visits the seeker to illumine the world forever Eternal bliss- blessed with mantra of auspicious Love Finally, the dome of Ego is shattered and freedom beckons Non-judgmental and without any expectations- it’s pure bliss Beyond this Self, the transcendent … Continue reading Auspicious

Eternal Embrace

Nurturing a tiny thought requires patience Plucked from the nondescript and silent world  Rarely one ventures the tranquil place Busy! Ah! I see! That’s a convenient excuse Never mind! The mind is an eager child Mother Nature wishes to introduce a thought Initiate the discussion with a genuine soul Famished eyes dine at the water table Savouring the morsels of cosmic dreams An obedient child is … Continue reading Eternal Embrace


Explanation of a small word can fill eternity Forever relevant and many definitions lay scattered According to the seasons of the heart Wrapped in moods with different colours  Words and phrases have volunteered to serve the word Now, it cannot be a word A feeling is impossible to contain in this Feels compressed and exhausted due to exaggerated claims But feeling so pure is daunting for mortals A … Continue reading Love

Love of Life

Life is to love with soul’s intent Love life with desires pure Wake up every day with hope Renew the pledge with devotion Listen to the advice  Within, there’s an awakening Nebulous dreams  Will be clarified by seeking Easy to lose oneself In the muddled pool of thoughts Vortex of uncertainty Threatens to swallow sanity Lovers of life will persist Piercing focus  Will shred veils of secrecy … Continue reading Love of Life

With Hope

Impalpable feelings captivate the senses Somehow find their way to the heart Seized by a snare as they sneak in with every breath Eyes vision a seductive form of a silhouette Persuasive pretences embolden the obscure dreams Feverish air awakens the unaccustomed emotions Wilderness invites the eternal revelry as celebration Visions of mystical charms turn into reality Bewildered heart listens intently to the heart Miles away from … Continue reading With Hope

Beyond the Images

I rarely analyze the photographs and their origin,  Glared upon by the photographic eye, to evoke the desired pose Rapt attention at the thought of an expected image already dreamt Life freezes for a moment and flashes of light strike with precise intensity Seized moments, when a mere device is manipulated to deliver the images Even protagonists are not aware of the true feelings, after … Continue reading Beyond the Images

A Vision

Conjure the Spirits of deep firmament Eternal immensity can be daunting for the mortals Only pure vision of the soul can look through  Rejuvenate the depleted forces and shine again Corresponding with the expansive and pulsing core Eyes will concentrate the trajectories to a dot Sublime consciousness will unravel infinite dimensions Ignore the distractions and instant gratifications Universe will awaken to embrace the seeker© Continue reading A Vision