End of Day

End of day; the world scurries toward the darkness Feelings collapse and wind blows with less intensity Hiding between the labyrinthine folds of lightlessness There’s a rush for some solace across that anonymity Movement of problems unsettle them forever In motion, but nowhere to go or find some reason They trickle down the cracks and escape Stimulates urban decay in a subtle manner While heads … Continue reading End of Day

The Insufficient Explanations

‘The way you want it…’ takes time to emerge from clutches of unnecessary obedience It is courageous to kill time and look for meaning in the void; an outrageous living, away from busyness and set objectives Compartmentalised for easy discrimination; that is the purpose of obstinate achievements The hubris is evident in the everyday evaluations of success There are these fences and limitations erected to … Continue reading The Insufficient Explanations


It is difficult keeping pace with the Light Wanderers wade through darkness It takes soul’s inclination to become a pilgrim Departure from the sinful companions An intense struggle in a gloomy world Phantoms are serfs to gratification Inhospitable thoughts crowd the heart A transformation so ghastly Mirror finds a reflection repulsive Unchaste mirrors present an illusion Crafted by the fiendish hands Guided by the strong illusion of … Continue reading Direction


Quiescent thoughts are pushed aside unsuccessfully They question identity and the purpose of every move Unknown origin but strong presence and influence Appears to be in conflict with acquired information Trying to close the door to leave behind those thoughts A futile attempt at severing the decisive ties Presenting eternal mysteries about reality of existence Spirit feels but often distracted with worldly tussles Somewhere a … Continue reading Awakening

Ever Present

Ever present, effervescent Thoughts; origin unknown Spin of eternity lifelong Incredible distance Comes closer to without ties Uncoils a saga of existence Conscious present The only reality to face Profound narrations  Silence plays a role In realisation Omnipresent spirit Looks beyond the self Without expectations And feeble intentions Everything of now Creates new reality Ebullient Spirit Shines forever ~Amitav   Continue reading Ever Present

True Wish

Wish, the sea of emotions were seen by cosmic eyes Only a communication between the heart and universe’s soul Finding reasons behind every little experience attain clarity Life itself will never be questioned unnecessarily Spirited feelings with pure energy cascades from omniscience Ephemeral memoirs leave deep impression in the mind Fertile imaginations levitates to the realm of absolute bliss Only true love for life can fulfil … Continue reading True Wish


Rushing through time will not gift life with extra seconds Inconceivable turns take another route  Lacking in fluency, the mind cannot comprehend a rhythm Sense of dizziness sets in with continuous pirouetting   Unable to comprehend the corresponding reflections  There may be many parallels with alternative destinies Faithfully surrendering to the entirety of presence Perspectives become clear when there is harmony Brilliance of cosmic reflection can elucidate the … Continue reading Fluency


Phosphorescence of an eagerly seeking heart unsettles the night Many unanswered questions will be asked and contemplations discussed When the outside busyness dulls the mind and body beyond cognition A meek flame of hope silently guides a life to walk within unknown chambers Relief to the tired feet, years of damage walking on concrete roads has to be cured Bringing back the values and morals … Continue reading Seeking