Uneasy Contemplations

There are easy contemplations Leaning towards a vulnerable reality A chaotic intensity with conviction When all the lamps have been broken Frantically looking for some light Lost pathways in accidental darkness Conundrums and connivance No ordinary weakness, only fatal Unable to disentangle from the events Intemperate world enigmatically stays ~Amitav Continue reading Uneasy Contemplations

Chance Wandering

Skin wakes up;  Brushing against the unrestrained shrubs Murky layered path  Crusty surface becomes finer under pressure Of those feet, in a hurry towards an undefined journey Tingling sensation persists Careless fences do not discriminate Their fate of being rooted along a casual design Maybe an escape through labyrinthine ways Coiled thoughts unfold to reach the boundaries Senses respond to the sudden signs Wandering carelessly … Continue reading Chance Wandering

From a Vantage Point

A home away from home descends faintly in the imaginations From a vantage point, the eyes scan extensively for that distant reality Leisurely mind reclines on the soft mattress for long contemplation To sort out the contrasting images and find the relevant pieces of a puzzle Breathe life into a withdrawn reality and further the scope of existence Reach for the skies to pull down the … Continue reading From a Vantage Point

The Puzzle

We are trying to solve a puzzle Where we do not have the relevant pieces Using our superficial imagination, not enough Multidimensional concepts blend into one It’s an intriguing predicament to determine reality Concepts and theories fail to determine the idea Our relation to the puzzle and the missing pieces Where everything seems linear, yet, there is a conundrum To determine the starting point and … Continue reading The Puzzle