I am busy with the characteristics of being extremely laid back during a busy time Over-embellished designs to keep time, faltering at the original concepts of existentialism Just being there, peeking above the haze, even down there, the earth does not divulge much An ornate interface that displays reality, errs, the overemphasized concepts defy the truth Staring at a screen full of disinformation tickles the … Continue reading Atrophy

It is Essential and Important

Creativity is birthed anywhere, within the four walls, in the wilderness, in solitude, in the midst of a crowd, and even in semi-conscious sleep. Now, there are so many destinations and myriad avenues for creativity and all we can come up with few words of lament and tired feelings, that too by isolating the heart and mind from all the wonderful places. The missing dimensions … Continue reading It is Essential and Important

The Future of Blogging

The digital world is gravitating towards an unknown future. With so many blogs on various platforms, there is no dearth of content, but there is more pouring in every second. Not only written, but the emergence of vlogs are also becoming popular on YouTube. This is how blogs are transforming, and taking a course of popularity with such innovations. Earlier blogs had readers, now they … Continue reading The Future of Blogging

Ineffective Correspondence

Naive tutoring wishes to influence the words to propound slight ideas Only suitable to fill the hollow spaces created by egotist voices Misfortune, the language is stripped of its sincere robes Communication isn’t about being vociferous among acquaintances Reading out; when the intellectuals have relied on reading in When every publication becomes a drivel and reviews are unhealthy It is sinful victimising the true essence … Continue reading Ineffective Correspondence

Frail Connections

Connection influenced by the quality of dreams Based on the daily diet of absurdity; not defined at first, but eventually grows in stature To fill the mind and dictate every choice from a formidable position Trying to emulate the geniuses who have surrendered to the ultimate madness These absurdist ideas are frail shadows dancing around the borders of genuine comprehension; loud and shameless braggarts Now … Continue reading Frail Connections


There’s a sense of urgency Even the nights are not spared With relentless cacophony Frazzled nerves and dull appearance Existence is scraped along superficiality Lacerated feelings drain life’s force Overworked bodies and tired minds Blurry motions for mindless pursuits Life is losing its entirety Living in fragments, without continuity Severing ties with love and kindness Vicious cycle draws unassuming souls There are unnecessary questions Hegemonic … Continue reading Urgency