Omnipresent questions carried by the radiant clouds Ephemeral time settles somewhere in the unknown life Within, it is a turmoil, dismayed eyes looking ahead Numerous perplexing pathways cross each other tirelessly Not looking for replies, fleeing from the tormenting reality Language fell apart after unrepentant altercations Remaining silence, the strange probing eyes stare Only blurry reflections, rough edges of anxious dreams Escaping the body; running … Continue reading Questions

Agreeing Reluctantly

Begrudgingly agreeing to the sudden spurt of conversations The night could have gone wrong- the rancour still lingers in the breath Juvenile reactions, maybe, but the day does not carry a friendly sentiment Still churning within, after having fallen asleep after a long battle With questions from the incautious world- replies stifle the tongue A careless body, tired from the conventional emotions; feels strange Somewhere, … Continue reading Agreeing Reluctantly

Your Questions

As there are no plausible replies to the genuine queries Timeless ardour has settled elsewhere; there are only voids Indiscernible time wearies the nobility- only empty promises Initially, there are no guilty feelings, only euphoric desires Somewhere, deep down, there are docile pleasures Pretentious communications fail to convince the soul There is nothing to be bewildered anymore… only usual worries Unanswered questions, incarcerated heart, and … Continue reading Your Questions

The Calendar

Numbers confined in the calendar squares Nervous stare to identify the nature of days More than today’s concerns, eyes shift between yesterday and tomorrow Measuring the effectiveness of present in their comparison Eager eyes though assume tomorrow would be better Such is the belief of that empty gaze and exhaustive calculations Some days are special and marked in bold Inadvertently, the discrimination between days are … Continue reading The Calendar

Waiting for a Reply

Your question may not inspire a reply Not an immediate one It takes time to think beyond o’clock And the shadowy philosophy Morning, noon, and night Contemplating how to impose The ideas and beliefs  Hasty questions Disputable minds  Trying to misrepresent freedom A convoluted plot A mirror duel The true reflections obfuscated Let me imagine simply Allowing the questions to seek Not relying on blighted … Continue reading Waiting for a Reply


Greedy heart wishes to spear the night with caustic questions Embraced with sharp unfamiliarity and odours of inconsiderate feelings Silhouettes of inconsistent personalities follow the soul like a phantom The choked moon reflects desperate sentiments across gloomy firmament Unaccustomed moments of a lost wanderer cannot leap over closed gates Iron will imposes the diktats laid down by the long forgotten world Time feels constricting when a … Continue reading Inconceivable

Secret of the Visible and Beyond

An inspiration unknown shaped this intriguing panorama with intricate details. We are looking at myriad facets and an ecosystem of interconnectedness. With innumerable possibilities and mappings, we have not yet traversed enough through this design. An action, even a very insignificant one has a profound effect on the extensive ecosystem. If we evaluate, it is the unnoticeable changes (which are continuous) that take place beyond our everyday cognition. We … Continue reading Secret of the Visible and Beyond

The Pursuit and Comprehension of Life

Mostly we tread the unknown and walk along the unknown alleys. It’s a relentless pursuit to believe that we comprehend the meaning and the purpose. On the contrary, we harbor innumerable doubts in our minds. The ever-shifting dynamics of life is too enormous a philosophy to comprehend. We rush into life and the existing system which is process driven. When we try to confine an … Continue reading The Pursuit and Comprehension of Life