Dawn- An Awakening

The morning always comes back Defeating the bitter darkness with its light Honeyed warmth kiss the freshness There is an eternal breath Wings too; they appear to be angelic All that is empty is filled with hope Even deserted streets have some visitors Slow paces and trepidation- feet leads to a fate As the light passes through the eyes It ignites an unusual passion in … Continue reading Dawn- An Awakening

Simple Journey

The lure of simplicity, when time is lulled into a deep slumber Oh, the feeling of freshness and greatness of universe to reveal its splendour Fortunate eyes, blessed soul, and bosom full of happy feelings No platitudes and prejudices; only pure realisation of a dream forgotten Somewhere, in disdain, triviality, and disregard for the love of simple emotions While raving about the garrulousness and meekness … Continue reading Simple Journey

Every Morning

Every morning has a newness that cannot be compared to the past World’s soul wakes up with the thoughts waiting to be deciphered The time is pristine; not much of the distractions of a wronged earth This reality emerges from the eye of eternity with stunning emotions Time for patience, to understand the nature of today and hint of future Without listening to the misconstrued … Continue reading Every Morning

Immortal Light

Light weaves beautiful patterns to decorate the sky Ethereal moments flower from the garden that’s untouched Mesmerising soul of that dimension glorify celestial charm These ephemeral times take you along on an exciting journey Comforting like the mother’s lullaby, the universe sings When the soul here wishes to dream of an abode of peace Praying for a place of tranquil emotions and pure love Dulcet … Continue reading Immortal Light

In a Journey

A heart consolidates various stories from imaginary wanderings Just above the worldly; distracted and strewn valuables require trustworthy spaces Delicately walking through nothingness before invoking celestial guidance There’s no worry of sinking in the buoyant environment Frenetic heart communicates with the soul in language of clarity This Paradise is just one of the facets of the unrealised completeness Smear the divine vermillion to purify a tired body … Continue reading In a Journey

Perennial Radiance

Perennial radiance goads darkness to reveal its feelings Open its soul and to take a deep plunge into ethereal refulgence Tales of yore narrated with enthusiasm to solitary souls In true measure guiding a seeker towards the realm of illumined space Battling worldly destiny and defying all complexities Dreams glide across the cerulean path to reach valleys of native paradise Once encircled with pleasant life the … Continue reading Perennial Radiance


There are times when Time is perceived to be an adversary The conflicting concepts can set them apart by abysses Depends on how Time behaves- with maturity or disdain None can predict the birth of such an illusionary phase Keeping track of Time itself is an off-track task Caught between the cusp of yin and yang  It’s time to adopt the timelessness to pace the journey … Continue reading Infinite


When you have found yourself in the dark You have finally experienced the divine radiance Aware of the warmth in the coldest time Finding your way sure-footed amidst the traps Dodging the entire world of manipulations When night is not alien anymore, you realize There is no day and night, but only pure existence Differentiating pulls the moments apart Creating hollow spaces of undesirable emotions … Continue reading Radiance

As Evening Settles Down

Evening settles down quietly After the brilliant Sun decided to retire Twilight provides the perfect milieu Sky patterned with the finest brocades Skillfully woven by the Divine hands The island blessed with an epiphany A rare radiance of the constellations Etches stellar designs like filigreed glass Uplifting the soul to seek for transcendence Awakened subconscious will dream To interpret the mysteries of the night Solitude will … Continue reading As Evening Settles Down