Sudden Retreat

Sullen retreat from the celebrations A spectre of impending reality Dreamers are aware Of sudden changes in feelings Drunken revelry over widening chasms It feels so mundane to remain quiet Away from crowded opinions Shattered languages Half-hearted communications A kind of distress everywhere Irregular sighs and complaints Lonely contemplations are rare Hounded by intemperate thoughts Whirlwind adventures Excesses of impulsive decisions ~Amitav Continue reading Sudden Retreat


Sometimes you conspire and combine to replicate an idea  With the idea of strengthening its voice, but the inevitable happens And diminishes its relevance after being diluted with vacuous and pompous words Realisation, that ideas are not conveyed by words alone Intentions determine their values; without a destination and staying without expectations The foundation of relationship with creativity does not happen with sentences Or, with … Continue reading Affectations


Ecstasy of silence and of being still Thrilling to the senses Discovering the secret languages Not loud, but profound World not disguised anymore Austerity shines brightly Symphony of eternity Happiness descends here Truly, and settles in the soul Silence is a unique composition For, who cares to listen Delicate notes have rhythm When worlds pulsate happily Birthed, a new realisation Stillness is candid and pure … Continue reading Continuity

Time to Change

What leads to a crisis? We may never go back in time and identify the cause of many such instances that have contributed to the present disintegration. It is a deconstruction by Time or rather dissection to expose the network of systematic lies to create enough exasperatingly convoluted world. That which may prompt us to think after being pushed by an idea or accumulating circumstances … Continue reading Time to Change

Lights Switched Off

The light had been intoxicating for quite some time Losing their lustre, as speck of lies cohesively form a screen Selfish air is breathed unknowingly A difficult embrace for the lungs to endure Eyes are lost between the worlds of light and dark A compulsion for every heart to have a definite answer About life and its nature; such oversimplification Exalted over the circuitous talks … Continue reading Lights Switched Off

Of Silent One

Silent one is eyed with suspicion Perceived to be hiding those words Teaching them another language Transforming their soul After turning away from everyone Journeying to a comfortable place Detachment worries worldly ties Creating a different existence Salvaging the sacred space Confirming the boundaries  With intensity of true emotions It’s pure devotion to the self Composing a prayer  To awaken a soul in the Universe … Continue reading Of Silent One

Deep Reality

Gyrations of an illusion unexpectedly births transient reality Flashes of illuminations overexposes the eyes to alternate dreams There are no easy explanations for lifelong animosity with physical world Sublime consciousness relegated due to vehement disbelief of the occult  Uneasy silence shrouds a soul with inexplicable relationship with life It’s not easy to surpass the challenges that are etched deep in heart ~Amitav Continue reading Deep Reality

Invisible Chasm

Muffled cries resonate through the hollow feelings Difficult to separate being from such predicament The inability to translate them due to lack of a language Create a tormenting vortex in the subliminal world Rushes mind towards the clutches of uncertainty Sky changes colour when impulsive feelings gather Unbearable humidity grips the landscape Drenches the curled body with those drifting emotions Depleted heart carries the burden … Continue reading Invisible Chasm

Ever Present

Ever present, effervescent Thoughts; origin unknown Spin of eternity lifelong Incredible distance Comes closer to without ties Uncoils a saga of existence Conscious present The only reality to face Profound narrations  Silence plays a role In realisation Omnipresent spirit Looks beyond the self Without expectations And feeble intentions Everything of now Creates new reality Ebullient Spirit Shines forever ~Amitav   Continue reading Ever Present