For a Long Time

Away from those simultaneous experiences It’s a freedom to think, but an unenviable escape Once a casual observer becomes keenly involved There emerges new convictions and truth to deal Some unopened realities are waiting to be released Some kind of intelligence pushes away the distractions Dreams cannot be forsaken after defeating daydreams Caresses of another consciousness awaken the soul It is not humiliating to stay … Continue reading For a Long Time


Snatched away mercilessly from the cradle of mind The talons of ignorance have since become a formidable force Impaled mind lost control over the ability to generate ideas To defend the thoughts from such disgusting confiscation Some mysterious myths and their explanations are deceptive Stench of pernicious power dominates the senses Ghosts become a reality as they are provided ever-changing faces As they speak in … Continue reading Seized


Looking intensely at the thorns they blur and absorbed by the heavy background Finally, the rose becomes the cynosure and eyes illuminate with its colour and kaleidoscopic reflections This is possibly the secret portal to heavenly valleys and time has come to shift toward a new dimension Symmetry of a flower and the freedom the petals exude energises the subliminal world Sudden realisation of beauty … Continue reading Focus


A cavern or space, the celestial spin doesn’t determine The spirit remains quiet while holding the keys close to the heart Until the shadows disappear; there is no communication other than silence Implausible for many when vacuous words create unnecessary uproar Everything seems merry through the fabricated perspectives Busy pursuing duality and finding an escape with the shadows The owl’s piercing gaze through a haze … Continue reading Revelation

Close Enough

How close is close enough to identify the nature of truth From proximity can evolve an environment of resistance Frequent frictions promise to blaze through screen of lies Kind of truth the heart seeks is an antithesis of realities Often, the passionate urge to turn away is a brave decision Fear of solitude and darkness can be unsettling at times Being close is not articulated with … Continue reading Close Enough


It is that unsure phase between solitude and melancholy Lonely feeling, far away from weeping, there is a surge of emotion There’s no one around to notice and describe Few moments shared and understood by silence Eagerly assures the soul like the affectionate embrace of a mother Just leaning against a cold wall helps realize the warmth within That sudden chill ignites an uncanny truth … Continue reading Unsure


Playful stars pray that sleep is stolen from the night traveler Infinite opportunities to talk to distant realities Once thought to be dreams, the sleepy eyes could not decipher much Busy shaking off the inhibitions and preparing for an idle vigil Through those unseen layers; revealing moments in delightful visions World in eternal bloom, allow cosmic fragrances to entrance the senses Eyes guide the soul … Continue reading Nighttime

Of That Is Known

You’d know more of diminutive things Trying to catch up with similar frequencies Thoughts explode like enraged kernels These are ideas strained beyond their limits Agitating flowers with pent-up rage Holding a bowl overflowing with craze  Knowing more but less of what is expected The statements are not quantifiable  Even, the experiments do not show results Distracting the mind with curious questions I’d be happy … Continue reading Of That Is Known

Emphatic Silence

Confessions made in silence are difficult to refute Looking at the eyes and their ever changing directions prove enough The fascinations of the heart clearly reflected in the gaze No more unnecessary dialogues and cavorting assurances My sentiments may not be rich but their honesty undeniable For, those words may sound beleaguered against false bravado A curious pilgrim’s seeking and wanderings unfathomable Some of the chipped … Continue reading Emphatic Silence