Without Introspection

More than the inability to introspect, it is also the misapprehensions and misconceptions surrounding this experience that effectively keeps away an individual from initiating the experience. Yes, it is an experience, a sole journey of myriad experiences guided by the consciousness. There is a strong chance of being delusional at the onset of this journey because so many falsehoods already occupy the crevices of the … Continue reading Without Introspection

Compared Reason

There are reasons in life that you cannot compare. They are so unique and undebatable that it certainly makes you uncomfortable. It has always been human nature to critique, compare, and contest to offer analogies from either one’s own reasoning capacity or acquired from the numerous interpretations. When perceptions cannot be connected to some other comfortable perception, it becomes an uncomfortable situation. Most likely, certain … Continue reading Compared Reason


There is no pure reason, but only reasonable reason. This inability comes from the rigorous tutelage that impedes the individual from seeking courage to find the true reasons to quieten the garrulousness and unreasonable demands. Knowledge and humility is not an entitlement; one cannot use lack of understanding and inefficient communicating skill to reason irrationally. Read something that enlightens your imagination and gives you the … Continue reading Reason


Do reasons speak when the mind is impaled by jagged thoughts There’s no reason to choose them and torment the mind From dawn to dusk the painful experience flusters reasoning Faltering language speaks in dichotomous tone  When seeking serenity, the heart is hesitant of approaching any other All other dimensions obliterated from the annals of existence Mechanical speaks are trained by manipulative algorithms An entire ecosystem … Continue reading Reasons

In Honesty

Honesty has a forlorn expression, exists only as a word The erasing symbolism seems out of place and blurry to irascible eyes Devoid of meaning, the word barely suspended from a precarious edge Somewhere, this has been stuffed with meanings that contradict its essence With honesty toward travesty, the daring feet stomped on feelings Those meanings have been a caricature over a vulgar facade  Honestly, there is … Continue reading In Honesty


If darkness was without a metaphor Only being, in the midst of eternal spaces As if a window to another world Unfolding a story imperceptible in daylight Palpable anxiousness fades away There will be no crossings or parallels Only a raconteur with a pure soul Narrating an endless journey The absence of another me is realisation Saying goodbye in cosmic dimness ~Amitav Continue reading If

The Predicament

Daft reasoning gyrating across the hallucinating world Obscene gestures made by immature intellect Thoughts cradled carelessly with a petulant motion Maturity is erroneously conferred to the ignoble ones Prejudiced minds are already warring within  Reflections of poisonous intensity inflict irreversible damage Asinine consciousness huddles to seek some fame Existence tilts precariously towards mediocrity ©Amitav Continue reading The Predicament