The Thoughts Arise

The thoughts ariseBut man cannot think themselves out of themDefective patterns, daily trials, by an unknown forceNothing can be discussed anymore without the volatile responsesEager eyes, not anymore, lascivious visionsLooking for the darkest hours to evoke unsettling dreamsThe thoughts ariseMan cannot rein in the urge to imagineProvocative and out of controlTypical replies, a culture that has been numbingTo each other they lie, disguise in the … Continue reading The Thoughts Arise

The Time

Unrestrained time chooses to be a delinquent character Evil laughter, on instilling fear and enjoying the disintegration of rightness It can choose to shower the dictums at any moment Its sudden calmness is evil- wonder, the nature of fate the eyes are reading Inhospitable time, once upon a time, decided to erase the shores Only vast oceans of chaos to hurl challenges towards human resilience … Continue reading The Time

The Awkwardness

The awkward silence, furtive glances, uneasy shifting, and contorted feelings “Once upon a time…” is a vague introduction, quite common for a fairytale Whose denouement is a contrived happy feeling- language-legerdemain A creative way of colouring the similarities in all ages, but there’s no jubilant triumph The continual disparity, depravity of few, like a chain that locks itself around the next episodes Temerity erupts from … Continue reading The Awkwardness

Beyond Symbolism

The words do not become a symbolism of an escapist Neither a pacifist nor a radical activist They merely do not appear from somewhere, but carefully contemplated Speculations can go wrong, as thoughts depraved invade simultaneously All contradictions aren’t indications of well thought of a plot Words are those messenger who can become rebellious Always prudent to take that pen to craft the words carefully There … Continue reading Beyond Symbolism


Thus spoke the forehead Vociferous through the creases Repressed ‘I’ wishes release Speeches have been censured Tongue altered and coached Early rebellion Without time to consolidate Life spun out of control Easier to put a spin ‘I’ loses credibility Definitions are imposed To dilute individuality Clinical approach Towards artificial existence Untrustworthy language Creates an ecosystem© Continue reading Credulous

Uncovered Past

The desire to uncover the past One who wishes to walk back amidst the layers of dust Provoke the lungs to create a tempest Clear away the stubborn and false narratives Each speck colluded with the plan to deceive Wish to pick up the brittle relics Touch the truth in retrospect Once recalcitrant heart tarnished the glorious truth Seeking punishment from the inanimate antiques Doors … Continue reading Uncovered Past