Greedy heart wishes to spear the night with caustic questions Embraced with sharp unfamiliarity and odours of inconsiderate feelings Silhouettes of inconsistent personalities follow the soul like a phantom The choked moon reflects desperate sentiments across gloomy firmament Unaccustomed moments of a lost wanderer cannot leap over closed gates Iron will imposes the diktats laid down by the long forgotten world Time feels constricting when a … Continue reading Inconceivable

Face-to-face with a Mirror

The mirror has a glossy façade Reflecting the ultimate truth Mirror gazes at your soul Thus the image of your being The deeper thoughts and nature Sometimes the uneasy truth Staring at you for an answer Or, may be some soul searching Long forgotten world, neglected In the busy world of superficiality A world agonizing for attention Birthed from divine powers Now, it’s a mere … Continue reading Face-to-face with a Mirror