The Thoughts Arise

The thoughts ariseBut man cannot think themselves out of themDefective patterns, daily trials, by an unknown forceNothing can be discussed anymore without the volatile responsesEager eyes, not anymore, lascivious visionsLooking for the darkest hours to evoke unsettling dreamsThe thoughts ariseMan cannot rein in the urge to imagineProvocative and out of controlTypical replies, a culture that has been numbingTo each other they lie, disguise in the … Continue reading The Thoughts Arise

Philosophical Understanding

Arriving at a conjecture based on the references, is just another perception among the many that already exists. Such inferences get lost in the ‘soon to be forgotten’ annals and will be under the millions of words and tenets. To arrive at a philosophical debate one must present a new dimension from the experiential point of view; this is only possible when one wants to … Continue reading Philosophical Understanding