Time slows down and toils enough to gain freedom from the huddle Curbed thoughts fastened to train of thoughts that are inappropriate Feeble readings from the fatigued pages recite a laborious composition Wilted words crushed by the huddled feet trample them to dust Oh the passionate one feels the urge to break away from crowded places Ward off the ill-effects of inclement times and ride away … Continue reading Toiling

Between Reflection

You and your reflection part ways unknowingly Faint and eccentric, it plays with the emotions of light and dark Is that where fables are born?  From the dichotomy of characters facing each other and antagonising  When predetermined answer is an arrogant ‘NO’ The feeling of losing a part of the self over the dilemma is a splitting image Fear transforms into agony, and in turn, … Continue reading Between Reflection

If there is Silence

For hours, when I hear myself keenly, even silence does not wish to interrupt with more luxury, but such an instance takes one closer to eternity.It is not merely rest, but the appearance of saneness from the surrounding disruptions. It is a luxury indeed to immerse into the ethereal tranquility of darkness. This richness of solitude sedates the distractions of masked faces. It is time … Continue reading If there is Silence


Water flees from the torment of footsteps Deep indentations are reminders  Scant dampness reveals the vanishing truth Seeds many not have found their fate Hibernating for now Misshapen Time prey upon fate Scythes sever the lifelines Emotions have been prisoners Coarse mirrors wake up suddenly With the wave of sinister hands Reflecting a disdainful reality Many more footsteps draw a plan Only future knows the … Continue reading Footsteps

Eyes Realise

Cavernous eyes threaten to swallow the images in frenzy Wide open, in anticipation of more precise reflection of existence Hearts of the eyes agonisingly bear untruthful display of emotions Distressed eyelashes sway melancholically over this discomfort Chapped lips indicate the rapidly drying rivers of sentiments Shrivelled heart does not have enough strength to mourn Naked lies have caricatured the entire narrative lusciously ~Amitav Continue reading Eyes Realise

Silent Reflections

A thirst that’s unquenchable  Busy throwing rocks at the river Hoping to gulp some of the sweetness Or, disturb its tranquillity With broken pieces of burden Jealous of the playful fishes Lustrous souls dive eagerly To unknown depths of joy Mocking at our fear Averse to universe’s happiness Not willingly surrendering to life Trickles down at intervals Not essentially to rejuvenate Only to soothe thirsty heart … Continue reading Silent Reflections

Secret of an Image

While standing in front of a mirror Looking at the image reflecting a part of me Which one is real? One who faces me or the physical self that I can feel Duality and dilemma, a distance unfathomed Is it curious just like me? Maybe communicating wavelengths have some answer In meditative silence the reflective facade intrigues Contradictions are duplicated Captures stillness and imitates the … Continue reading Secret of an Image


Erase the reflection in the mirror Stop conversing with an ephemeral image Distanced by paradoxical narratives Yet, the reflection echoes something familiar Power of telekinesis create an illusion Both are realities- born from the inborn Every grain of consciousness regroups Engaged in visualising a replica So well defined for a perplexed vision Desire to traverse an unknown space To reach out to the simulation Can … Continue reading Image

Seeking Clarity

Clarity may be distracting to the world that believes in ambiguity Narrations defined by time and adheres faithfully to kaleidoscopic frequency Unexpected twists and turns lead minds to scribble concentric esoteric images Mind powers the mechanical advance to stretch a path that can leave no trail Erase with confidence the conceited efforts of explanations reflecting failure Exquisite effort to design confidence from mere vulnerabilities Stretching … Continue reading Seeking Clarity